Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday shopping

Black friday hmmm... it's just like any other day.... I shop too much, i'm out of things to buy LOL, plus my walk-in closet is literally full from one end to other end, from top to bottom, literally has no more space :( I didn't go shop in-stores since I don't like shopping at a crowded place. It's nauseating. I can't enjoy it.

A few things I bought online...

New York & Co. - $14.97 shipped

JC Penney - $34.99 shipped (Orig. $110), in brown

TARGET - Emjoi Slim Hair Removal Epilator - $14.99 shipped

And then, on Saturday, I went to Portland with hubby to meet hubby's friend + family + fiance. We also went to multiple malls. I didn't have the mood to shop. The malls were SO crowded, inside the stores were SO warm, it felt like 80-85 degrees F because there were so many people in there. I couldn't stand it. I went in, browsed around, and went out quickly.

Anyway, inside the GAP store was not that bad. I bought a couple of henleys. They are only $10 each (orig. $22.50). They are very soft and comfortable.

I also went to Victoria's Secret store. I bought a couple of things worth $10+ since I wanted the Pink dog and the SRC card. :-P
I've also got one more SRC from hubby's friend's fiance. She doesn't have the time to use it since she'll be abroad until January. Lucky!

Too bad this store didn't carry the $1.50 lollipops, so that my hubby could buy something and get me a doll too. I want the orange and blue one !

We also went to Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, didn't buy any clothes/shoes, since they were too expensive for me. Though, I found a bunch of cheap Stila eyeshadows and bought one. Finally the $2 refillable compact I bought last September just to get a free smudge pot is useful! (Blog entry). :-D


At last, Cyber Monday! Huge shopping online deals. It's pretty much my day. LOL

I barely did any work today because I was occupied looking for good online deals. ^^"

Hubby told me about the $7 bubble vest on Walmart site. He bought one, and since it's cheap, I bought one too!! I hope the size small fits me.

Faded Glory Men's Bubble Vest - $7.97 shipped

The Body Shop is having 20% off of any purchase, plus you get to pick 1 freebie, today only.

Soooo I picked the cheapest item I could find. There were some $2.40 nail filers, but they were all sold out. I guess everybody thinks the same way.
I picked the full size coconut body scrubs ($20 value). Very good deal! I ❤ their scrubs!

nail filer - $2.80
coconut body scrub - free
+ $5 shipping fee

I also bought a pair of ankle boots on DSW site. They are currently having
25% off of any purchase (SAVE25) and free shipping with $35 minimum purchase (SNOWMAN), today only.

Plus eBates is offering 12% cashback, today only !!

Impo Tarra Ankle Boot - $33.71 shipped
(Orig. $69. Sale $44.95)

*satisfied* ^o^

Now I'm going to shop on VS site. FYI, eBates is currently offering 6% cashback.

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