Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Messed Up Orders + Body Shop Haul

Update on "VS Messed Up My Order" blog!!
On Tuesday last week, I wrote about VS messing up my VS order. They gave me a Pink lip gloss ring instead of my original order, a Pink panty.
Finally, it has arrived!! Also, as I hoped for, they included a Secret Reward card too !! Yay !!! Lucky!! ❤

So, overall I have 9 Secret Reward Cards.
I hope at least one is worth more than $10. LOL

I read on Slickdeals - Victoria's Secret Chat thread, some members have 20-30 SRC cards! True VS fanatics!


Today, my Body Shop order that I placed last week has arrived.

I'm not completely happy with my order, I'll tell you why in a bit.

I placed an order because I wanted the $15 grab bag that contained random full-size items. I'm bad!! Yah, I needed to restock some body scrubs anyway. (Excuses!)

Coconut Body Scrub - $30 for both
Orig. $20 each

The $15 Grab Bag
*click image to zoom in*

Pretty good deal on the grab bag!
I think they are all discontinued/clearance products, because I can't find any of them on the website, except the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (bottom right corner). I like most of them. Not really like the blushes (bottom left corner), I like the powder kind more.

Though, I'm not really happy with my FIRST experience ordering from Body Shop, because.............


I ordered this soap....

But they didn't include it with the rest of my order.
They still charged me for whole 4 items (2 scrubs, $15 grab bag and soap) Agh! Good thing it's only $6.
I scanned the invoice and emailed it to them and demanded for a refund. :(

On a brighter note, I earned pending cashback of $10.20 in total from Bing and Ebates (10% cashback each).


  1. You are really greedy for the VS Secret Santa Reward Cards. When you sent back the lip gloss, you should of send back the SSC too. Also especially since you do not like the PINK undies, what a hypocrite.

  2. Why I have to return the card to? They include it with every order. I have the right to keep it because they messed up my order, and wasting my time wrapping and shipping the ring back. Yeah I don't like vs pink panty because they are too cutesy. But, I like the one I bought, the v- front style because the style, and the pattern is not that curtesy with big words and not pink.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I hate when companies mess up orders, it's so annoying and such a hassle. It's a good thing they corrected it and you received another SRC. US always has such good deals in comparison to Canada, but yeah I don't like the PINK panties either ><

  4. I love your blog haha I saw it on the freebie/sample thread and I always check here for sales and to see your deal snags XP When urban outfitters messed up my order, I contacted them and I think they thought I was going to return the item and they deposited $6 in my account to pay for shipping. They didn't take it away even when I told them I decided to just keep the item. The item they sent me cost 10 dollars more than the item I ordered too haha. I accumulated about 15 SSC cards and then accidentally recycled them all >:(

    @chenenchant-it's not greedy because if they mess up the order that's the responsibility of the company. If they send free gifts/cards, those are free so people can keep them, they weren't paid for or part of the order o_O so simple...

  5. Hi Cindy, recently I found out Canada has 4-5 Pink stores? Yah, the panties are too cutesy, but there're some look okay. Their hoodies are super duper nice and comfortable though, compared to AE.

    Hi Daphne, that UO thing, haha lucky you. I guess they didn't take the money back because it took time to process it.
    Wow 15 cards? And you accidently recycled them all?! That's sad!! :(
    Don't mind about that chenechant person, her comments always sound bitter. LOL

  6. Lucky you, Susan!! The panty is definitely more worth it than the lipgloss. =)

    I had my grab bag from The Body Shop shipped to my boyfriend's house since he lives closer to my friend and hauling it from my place to hers would be a hassle. I'm sad that I didn't grab one for myself. That's okay though! I have so many VS SRC and $10 off coupons that I guess it worked out perfectly. Which reminds me, VS sent me TWO Birthday Cards!! I'm so excited to use it during the Semi-Annual Sale. AND my friend that works at VS tells me that if you've worked there for more than a year there's special events through the year that you can get 60% off your entire order! That's insane! Maybe I'll give her money to purchase my items for now on. LOL!