Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday shopping

Black friday hmmm... it's just like any other day.... I shop too much, i'm out of things to buy LOL, plus my walk-in closet is literally full from one end to other end, from top to bottom, literally has no more space :( I didn't go shop in-stores since I don't like shopping at a crowded place. It's nauseating. I can't enjoy it.

A few things I bought online...

New York & Co. - $14.97 shipped

JC Penney - $34.99 shipped (Orig. $110), in brown

TARGET - Emjoi Slim Hair Removal Epilator - $14.99 shipped

And then, on Saturday, I went to Portland with hubby to meet hubby's friend + family + fiance. We also went to multiple malls. I didn't have the mood to shop. The malls were SO crowded, inside the stores were SO warm, it felt like 80-85 degrees F because there were so many people in there. I couldn't stand it. I went in, browsed around, and went out quickly.

Anyway, inside the GAP store was not that bad. I bought a couple of henleys. They are only $10 each (orig. $22.50). They are very soft and comfortable.

I also went to Victoria's Secret store. I bought a couple of things worth $10+ since I wanted the Pink dog and the SRC card. :-P
I've also got one more SRC from hubby's friend's fiance. She doesn't have the time to use it since she'll be abroad until January. Lucky!

Too bad this store didn't carry the $1.50 lollipops, so that my hubby could buy something and get me a doll too. I want the orange and blue one !

We also went to Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, didn't buy any clothes/shoes, since they were too expensive for me. Though, I found a bunch of cheap Stila eyeshadows and bought one. Finally the $2 refillable compact I bought last September just to get a free smudge pot is useful! (Blog entry). :-D


At last, Cyber Monday! Huge shopping online deals. It's pretty much my day. LOL

I barely did any work today because I was occupied looking for good online deals. ^^"

Hubby told me about the $7 bubble vest on Walmart site. He bought one, and since it's cheap, I bought one too!! I hope the size small fits me.

Faded Glory Men's Bubble Vest - $7.97 shipped

The Body Shop is having 20% off of any purchase, plus you get to pick 1 freebie, today only.

Soooo I picked the cheapest item I could find. There were some $2.40 nail filers, but they were all sold out. I guess everybody thinks the same way.
I picked the full size coconut body scrubs ($20 value). Very good deal! I ❤ their scrubs!

nail filer - $2.80
coconut body scrub - free
+ $5 shipping fee

I also bought a pair of ankle boots on DSW site. They are currently having
25% off of any purchase (SAVE25) and free shipping with $35 minimum purchase (SNOWMAN), today only.

Plus eBates is offering 12% cashback, today only !!

Impo Tarra Ankle Boot - $33.71 shipped
(Orig. $69. Sale $44.95)

*satisfied* ^o^

Now I'm going to shop on VS site. FYI, eBates is currently offering 6% cashback.

Revlon Colorstay = HG foundation

So, last week I read a topic on Soompi about Revlon Colorstay foundation, here. They said this foundation was suitable for asian yellow skin tone. I read quite good reviews on makeupalley too. They recommended golden beige or sand beige.

Luckily, Walgreens and Rite Aid were having BOGO free that week. One foundation costs $12.99. Wow, quite a jump from 4-5 years ago, when they sold foundations for half the price of that LOL.

So, as recommended, I bought sand beige and golden beige. One for normal/dry skin, and the other one for combination/oily skin, since I wasn't sure which skin type I was.

FYI, before I apply this foundation, I apply foundation primer first. Without it, it's hard to even out the foundation, it looks streaky.

The sand beige, was not a match. Also, it felt like I was wearing a mask, looked oily too. So, I guess I have oily skin type.
Luckily, the golden beige suits my skin tone! It has amazing long lasting coverage, good oil control and not drying. It feels like I'm not wearing foundation. Last night, I was out for 12 hours, my makeup still looked 80-90% flawless by the end of the day.

According to the reviews on makeupalley, it's not good for acne-prone skin. Since it's great staying power, it's hard to wash it off thoroughly. Luckily, it doesn't make me break out. Then again, probably because I double-cleanse. I wash my face with cleansing oil, and cleanser+Clarisonic. Then, I use toner too, to eliminates the last traced of oil, dirt and makeup from pores.

One thing I don't like about this foundation is the smell. OMG, it smells like paint. It smells kinda nauseating when I'm applying it on my face. The smell gradually disappears after about an hour.

So yeah, from now on I'm going to stick with this foundation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Messed Up Orders + Body Shop Haul

Update on "VS Messed Up My Order" blog!!
On Tuesday last week, I wrote about VS messing up my VS order. They gave me a Pink lip gloss ring instead of my original order, a Pink panty.
Finally, it has arrived!! Also, as I hoped for, they included a Secret Reward card too !! Yay !!! Lucky!! ❤

So, overall I have 9 Secret Reward Cards.
I hope at least one is worth more than $10. LOL

I read on Slickdeals - Victoria's Secret Chat thread, some members have 20-30 SRC cards! True VS fanatics!


Today, my Body Shop order that I placed last week has arrived.

I'm not completely happy with my order, I'll tell you why in a bit.

I placed an order because I wanted the $15 grab bag that contained random full-size items. I'm bad!! Yah, I needed to restock some body scrubs anyway. (Excuses!)

Coconut Body Scrub - $30 for both
Orig. $20 each

The $15 Grab Bag
*click image to zoom in*

Pretty good deal on the grab bag!
I think they are all discontinued/clearance products, because I can't find any of them on the website, except the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (bottom right corner). I like most of them. Not really like the blushes (bottom left corner), I like the powder kind more.

Though, I'm not really happy with my FIRST experience ordering from Body Shop, because.............


I ordered this soap....

But they didn't include it with the rest of my order.
They still charged me for whole 4 items (2 scrubs, $15 grab bag and soap) Agh! Good thing it's only $6.
I scanned the invoice and emailed it to them and demanded for a refund. :(

On a brighter note, I earned pending cashback of $10.20 in total from Bing and Ebates (10% cashback each).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Quickie at Bath & Body Works

So, I got this coupon in the mail some time last week. It valid in store on Nov. 23rd, but a soompi member was able to use it before the valid date. She said it's because the employee wasn't paying attention on the date.
I was going to try to use the coupon yesterday. I wanted to get the lambie slippers for free. I went to 2 stores, both stores didn't carry my size. They only carried medium and large size. :(
So I went to a different store today, luckily, the store had one pair of size small left! To meet the $10 requirement, I bought a reindeer doll (it's TOO cute!!), and a pair of shea socks, for $5 each.
The cashier told me that the coupon's not valid until tomorrow, but she still let me use it. Lucky!!


Reindeer doll - $5
Lounge shea socks - $5
Lambie slippers - FREE (Orig. $12.50)

Update!! (11/23/09)
They emailed me the printable version of the coupon!!

Printable coupon here

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I ❤ coupons!

I went to Kohls last wednesday, again, because I had a 30% off coupon that expired on that day. So I went there to see if there's anything else I wanted to buy. I bought another pair of leggings. I'm trying to wear skirts more, since I'm kinda sick of wearing jeans. Though, I barely have any skirts in my closet. I also bought a pair of slippers, since my current ones are pretty beat up.

Leggings - $6.xx
Slippers - $8.xx


Finally it's weekend! I'd been waiting for today since Victoria's Secret started that deal, "All Pink hoodies & sweatpants are $25 each!" last monday. I couldn't go on weekdays because of work.

Boyfriend hoodie (Orig. $39.50) - $15
Velour metallic hoodie (Orig. $49.50) - $15
Lacie panty cupcake - Free, with every $30+ purchase

I browsed around, most of my sizes were gone and didn't see many choices. I wish there's a Pink store in my area. But, I was really lucky that I still could get the grey sparkly velour one in my size, it's the only one left! I wish they had one in navy blue though. I couldn't find another hoodie I wanted to get. I didn't want one with pink color or one with huge "PINK" word on it. So, I bought a pair of matching velour, eventhough I didn't really like them, but I needed to reach $50 in total so that I could use the $10 off of $50 Pink purchase coupon. I also redeemed my $10 Angel Reward.

So with the coupon and the reward, the hoodie and sweatpants cost $15, each!!

Then, I drove to another VS store to see if they had hoodies I liked there. They had less choices there, but I luckily found the blue one in my size, the only one left! I saw it in the first store, but it didn't have one in my size.
So yeah, I was pretty lucky !!


Before heading back home, I dropped by Macy's. My original plan was shopping for skirts, but I guess it's a bad time to look for them. I couldn't find any skirts at all, except dressy ones for holiday parties. Then, I came across these ruffle tops. I tried one on and I ❤ how it looked on me! The ruffles look feminine and sort of hide my boobs too. LOL
So I bought it in 2 colors. I almost bought another one in white too, but I decided not to get it because I already spent too much this month. :(

The top was originally $38, Macy's was having 40-50% off on select styles.
I saved more with the 20% off Macy's coupon (Macy's card holders)

Ruffles top (orig. $38 each) - $17.xx each

after I ironed the ruffles...

I took a picture of the white one in the fitting room. Too bad, it'd look cute with a cardigan, .. ahhh !!! Now I regret it! Well, sorta. Maybe I'll get it on the day after Thanksgiving. LOL

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VS Nylon Tote = Pillow case



I got this VS nylon tote for free a few weeks ago. I had no idea what to do with it because I don't carry totes and the color is too bright pink.
Recently, I read on VS chat thread @ Slickdeals, the people there said they used the tote as a pillow case. I thought that's a brilliant idea, and it really works! Wow!
The straps, you can just tuck them in just in case you want to use it to carry things later. Or, you can cut them off, and sew in a zipper.

Now I wish I had more of these totes!!

This week's haul + VS messed up my order

Soooo last nightI received my VS order and a couple of other things.

I ordered a pair of Pink panty and a free Pink tote.
I opened the packaging (the white bag kind), I saw the tote, and the VS Secret Reward Card (Yay!), but I couldn't find the panty. I checked inside the bag again, I saw a weird bumpy stuff wrapped in a white paper and plastic, I opened it... .it's a Pink lip gloss ring. WTF! I don't want it!! It looks a toy that you can get from one of those vending machines.
I immediately called VS customer service, and they said they'd send me my panty the next day. I mailed the ring back today, I used the provided UPS return label. They'd better not charge me a shipping fee for sending it back!

Hmmm I wonder if the panty will come with the VS SRC too. Haha *fingers crossed*


Martin + OSA - $24.xx shipped

I usually order size small from Martin + Osa, since they run one size bigger than American Eagle.
For this tee, I ordered size medium, because I was afraid my boobs would make the leopard look deformed. LOL (^__^")
The fabric is really soft.


I also finally received my Zipia order that I placed last month through one of those Soompi surveys.

I really really love the bracelet!! It's so cool and unique !!
The bracelet is made of stiff material, so it maintains its shape when you wrap it around your wrist.

I was afraid that it'd be too small (size XS-S), like those clothes from Chinese sites, but since I really liked it, I decided just to take the risk.... .glad that I took the risk!! The sweater is very roomy. My bust size is 34D, it fits me just fine. It has the same thickness as a t-shirt. It has slanted hem, and one sleeve is longer than the other one. The top is tagless, so there's no wrong way to wear it. It doesn't matter how you want to wear it, the short sleeve on ur left, the long one you the right, or vise versa.

You can style both sleeves evenly too.

Hmm....., the leopard flats, snake-skin flats, the leopard shirt, the snake bracelet.. I really have a thing for exotic animal. O_O

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Navy, Kohls, VS, Sephora (I'm crazy!)

A few days ago, Sephora emailed me to let me know that I officially have become a Sephora VIB member, and they emailed me a 10% coupon too. I used it to buy the Evian sprays. I really like them! My skin feels dry and tight during this kind of season, it freshens up my skin, without ruining my makeup. I also spray this on my face when I'm feeling sleepy. It wakes me up! haha !


I returned and exchanged the stuff I bought from Forever 21 site when they had the free shipping deal. I bought a basic tee ($4.50), and basic camis ($2.50 each)


Received many packages this week. I didn't have the time to update until now.

First, update about the AE flats I posted here. I ordered size 5 by phone, because the size 6 was a bit too big. Unfortunately, size 5 is too small. My toes are smushed up at the end of the shoe. I wish they had size 5.5 !! Sooooo, I tried to fix the size 6 one by inserting a couple on Dr. Scholls insoles into the flats. They fit perfectly now, and more comfortable too, because of the double insoles. LOL

Then today, I went to the mall to return the size 5 flats and a bra to the AE store. I also went there to spend the 40% AAP coupon.

AE Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater - $23.69
AE Cable Scoop Sweater - $12.58
AE Cord blazer - $16.78

I found the AE cord blazer on the clearance rack. There's extra 30% off of all clearance items too.
The AE Cable Knit V-Neck sweaters come in many different colors. I spent quite awhile staring at them, wondering about which color(s) should I get. I ended up getting the white only. I really wanted to get more, but I already spent too much. I guess I'll just wait till it goes on sale.
The lavender scoopneck sweater, I already bought one online last time, see the previous blog entry.
I like this sweater a lot, but it fits kinda too small, and tight around the bust, since i'm very busty. So, I bought one size bigger. It fits better and more comfortable. My hubby also said the bigger one looked better on me too. Yah, I'll return the smaller one then!


I also ordered a bunch of things from Kohl's site last week.
I bought a couple of leggings and skinny legging jeans, and a dress.
I spent about $60.xx on them. I'd never spent that much on Kohl's stuff before !!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Solid Leggings, in black and brown - $9.xx each

Mudd Skinny Legging Jeans, in black and blue - $15.99 each

Derek Heart Tiered Sweater Dress - $14.xx

I bought the leggings to wear them with skirts and sweaterdresses.
The Mudd skinny legging jeans are really nice! They fit perfectly.
The green sweaterdress is cute too.

Then, two days ago I went to Kohl's and bought sterling silver earrings.
I love their sterling silver earrings, very good quality !!
They are currently having 60% off of their sterling silver collections.
I was able to get them cheaper with the 30% off coupon (for Kohl's charge card holders only).

Sterling silver earrings $14.xx /pair


Past couple of weeks, VS offered free shipping code, twice! I used that chance to buy cheap things and to get their VS reward cards, since there's no $10 minimum purchase.

VS Pink panty - $7.50 shipped
Tote - free

Pink nourishing shaving cream - $3.75 shipped
Tote - free

Sweaterdress ($69) and panty (blue floral) - $7.69 shipped

I was able to get the dress for really cheap because I used the $10 off of $30 code, the 25% off code, the free shipping code, and a gift card ($35.xx value). ☺

I had been eyeing this dress for a long time, finally I could afford it !!
It doesn't look good on me without the belt, no curves. LOL
I'm a little bit bummed about the length. It's not knee-length as pictured.
l'm 5'5" tall, and the dress is about 3 inches above the knee.
Yah, it's only $7, can't complain!

VS plunging v-neck tee in mahogany
$1.62 shipped
(25% off + free shipping + $10 angel reward)

I really like this top ! The color, the ruffle, velvet trim, everything!! I'm so glad I bought one size bigger for this tee. Their Ultimate Tees collection runs one size smaller than their other clothes.

VS Pink panty (black) - free
VS Cotton panty (buff) - free
VS Pink panty - $8.50
VS Pink lollipop - $1.50

Today, I bought these panties and a lollipop in store.
I got the black panty for free because of the "free Pink panty + $10 off of full-priced bra" coupon I received in the mail a few weeks ago.
For the VS Cotton panty, you can print the coupon here. The panty is free with any purchase.
I could have gotten the VS cotton panty for free just by getting the lollipop.
But, since I wanted the VS Secret Reward card, I bought another panty. LOL