Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plain saturday....

I have been spending the whole time at home today.
It's been raining non-stop outside. The weather makes me feel really lazy.
So, I've been spending whole day watching TV shows on Hulu. There're SO MANY good TV shows these days, I can't keep up !! Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Flash Forward, Heroes, Lie To Me, Fringe, Monk, House, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Two and A Half Men, Bing Bang Theory, Cougar Town, Eastwick.... too many shows, too little time !!
Then during dinner time, my hubby and I just finished watching "Ghost of Girlfriends Past, " on DVD. It's really entertaining, sweet, and funny.


So! Last thursday, when I was really really tired of working, I took my break and went to a bookstore. Over there, I saw these SUPER cute collectible Japanese dolls.

They are called KimmiDoll, you can find more info on KimmiDoll site.

They come in 3 sizes.
The keychain costs $7.95 (bottom row)
The big one (middle) cost $16.95. I forgot how much for the top row one was.

*click picture to zoom in*

They are all SO cute! I wish I could collect them all, but they are quite pricey LOL. Each of the dolls has different hair, face, and kimono designs and each doll has different names and meanings. I hope the bookstore will carry more of this KimmiDoll stuff.

I emailed the picture above to my hubby. He then called me back and asked me what they were and asking me how much they cost. I then told him that I bought the keychain kind. :)

Back at work, hubby called and told me that he's currently at the bookstore, checking out the dolls. LOL
He then bought me the big doll.

I'll probably come back and buy more keychains and giving them away as gifts. haha. XD


  1. Those KimmiDolls are so cute! If you don't mind my asking, which bookstore did you find them at? Barnes & Nobles? :)

  2. I got them at OSU (Oreg. State. Univ) bookstore.

  3. I'm totally going to look at the website. I would love to get a keychain or something. But I guess they don't sell them on the website since I can't find anything...