Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Ride, VS Pink Private Shopping Night, This Week Haul, etc etc.

Soooo last Sunday hubby and I bought a new ride !! We traded our 2000 Honda Accord SE with a 2009 Mazda CX9 - Grand Touring. (^__^)

The speedometer has the "Superman" color theme. LOL


And then, after spending 3.5 hours at the dealership (negotiating, signing documents, etc etc. Gosh what a long time!), we went to the mall so that I could attend the Victoria's Secret Pink Private Shopping Night.

It started at 6:30 pm, but people already started lining up at 6 pm. Each person got a ruffle ticket for limited edition panties and $25 gift cards giveaway. The event at my store wasn't that great compared to the stories I read on forums. Someone said the store served water, candies, and yummy cinnamons. My store only had a DJ.

The really cool thing about the event was that all shoppers got 10% off their entire purchase, $30 off of denim, all pink organic items were $5 along with other beauty deals, a free lotion sample (the Pink Organic one) and a free tote bag.

I was disappointed about the limited edition panties giveaway. Their advertisement says, "100 limited edition panties sweepstakes." I thought they would give away one pair per person, but they actually gave away 5 pairs at a time. So the chance of winning one was really slim.
A lucky Soompi member posted a picture of the panties. O well, on the bright side, it's not the kind of panties I would wear anyway. LOL

I didn't buy much stuff, since I don't like Pink line very much. Too cutesy. Also, 10% off of the retail price is not really a good deal. I'll just wait for the semi annual sale. The jeans were pretty good deal though. They cost $28 after the $30 discount... yah, don't need any. LOL

I bought lollipops ($1.50 each) and the limited edition tee ($5) for $7.20 total. Whoopie. The tote and the Pink lotion are free.


Last saturday, I received my silverjewelryclub.com order in the mail. The site sells good quality sterling silver jewelry for very cheap, $6.99/pair, they don't turn black/rusty. But, the choices are very limited, they only show 6 pairs at a time randomly, and you only have 15 minutes to decide whether you want to buy them or not. Confused? Just check out the site, silverjewelryclub.com. ;-)


On Saturday, I also went to Kohl's, the store was having big sale, almost everything was 50-80% off. Didn't buy any clothes, couldn't find anything I like there. I bought some bath towels and two pairs of sterling silver hoop earrings. The big pair is $17.99 and the small pair is $11.99. Pretty good deal for sterling silver.


Then yesterday, I went to Sally Beauty Supply. Hubby bought a temporary highlight spray in orange color. He wants to use it for Halloween. So silly!

I bought a Lottabody setting lotion. It's a concentrated "hair spray". You have to dilute it with water and put it in a spray container.

Description from Sally site:
Lotta Body Setting Lotion creates firm hold that is easy to comb. Fast drying to create easy waves and curls. Curl are well defined and full of body. Hair is shiny and remembers the set longer. Quick drying and non-flaking.


Yesterday, I received OPI Nail Treatment Envy Original Nail Strengthener in the mail. I read many good reviews about it on Drugstore.com and makeupalley.com. The Sephora OPI nail strengthener that I've been using doesn't work anymore. This always happens to me, in the beginning the product works well, and then after awhile my nails are "immune" to the product, so I have to try a different one. (.___.)

Original price is $15.50. I almost bought it on drugstore.com, and then I found out it's cheaper on eBay. A seller was selling it for around $12 shipped.
I bought it for $2.36 shipped, after I redeemed my eBay bucks. :)
I also got an instant 8% cashback from Bing and 2% pending cashback from eBates. Sweet!


About 2 weeks ago, Dillards had 40% off sale. I wasn't planning to buy anything because the sale wasn't that great. But, I ended up buying a pair of sandals. Agh! ^^"

Donald J. Pliner "Goldy"

Retail price $275. On sale for $165. I bought them for $107.95 shipped.
I was suckered by the big discount and the solid 5 stars reviews on Zappos.com. LOL
They are surprisingly very very light! Eventhough they are high heels, they are comfortable and easy to walk in them.
I rarely buy shoes that cost more than $50. My whole life, only a handful of times I bought $100+ shoes. They are all great shoes, except one pair, no more Aldo shoes for me! They hurt so much!


At last, today I picked up my Drugstore.com package at the UPS store.

(2) Clairol Nice'n EasyColorSeal Weekly Conditioning Gloss - $4.99 for both.
It comes with the Nice 'n Easy hair dyes. The company sells it separately too. Love this product! I use it once a week. It keeps my color-treated hair shiny and healthy. I couldn't find this product in stores, so I bought 2 of them, stocking up.
You can read review on Walgreens site here.

Burt's BeesNatural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment - $9.99
I got the sample from Burt's Bees awhile ago. It works great! It cures my zits fast and it doesn't cause redness and dry patches.

Foot PetalsTip Toes, Buttercup - $6.95
Ball-of-foot cushions, never have enough of these !

ARCONA Cranberry Firming Gel, Firm AM/PM, GWP ($12 value)
Per-fekt Beauty Skin PerfectionGel
Flower by KenzoEau de Toilette
GO SMILE AM toothpaste

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  1. nice deal on the shoes! :)

    lucky u have that car! ive been needing a car so bad but cant have any--waaa no $$$ . ur car looks really good :)

    ooo i gotta get me some more of those foot petals too. they're so comfy