Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Week's Haul

Sooooo I sold the UGG Baroque I purchased during the 80% off UGG sale on 6pm (this entry) on eBay and got myself a pair of Whitley.

I didn't like the Baroque that much.
I like the UGG Whitley I bought for a relative much more. These boots issue bothered my mind for a couple of days.
So I decided to sell the Baroque and used the profit from selling the Baroque to the cover part of the cost. I also saved more money from Bing (8%) and eBates (2%) cashbacks.
I think after the cashbacks and ebay/paypal fees, the final price of the boots are about $100. They are more expensive than the same ones I got on 6pm, but I'm completely happy. =) They are warm and comfortable. I'm totally going to wear them a lot this fall/winter!


Old Navy's this week's deal is all cardi coats for $20!
It's $16 with the ONW 20% off coupon!

I immediately fell in love with the striped toggle cardigan coat!
It'll look good when wear it with skinny jeans or skirts, boots, and beanies, sort of fobby-ish I guess. =)
For an ON brand, it's pretty good quality and thick.
It also comes with a hood, good for an unexpected weather change. ;-)
For the cardi coat length reference, my height is 5'5".


About 3-4 weeks ago, Evolution of Smooth, giving away a free lip balm per household. The favors are "sweet mint", "summer fruit", and "honeysuckle honeydew." I signed up for the minty flavor and summer fruit for hubby. I got 2 minty kind instead. T_T

This EOS is GREAT!! It's 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum & paraben free. Very friendly product!
I think they are much better than Blistex and Nivea, and totally much better than Burt Bees. It costs $3.29, pretty reasonable price. It moisturizes well, not sticky and long lasting. It makes my lips feel soft and smooth, without that the oily feeling. The shape is cute too! It's a twist-off top, so you don't have to worry the lid will fall off and make a mess inside your purse.

Because the "sweet mint" gave me a very good impression, I wanted to try the other flavor. I bought the "summer fruit" at Rite Aid.
Between "sweet mint" and "summer fruit", I like the mint one more. I love the tingling and cool feeling from the mint on my lips. It tastes like yummy candy canes too. The "summer fruit", it smells nice, but it tastes nothing. I had high expectation on this flavor, I thought I could taste it after I applied it on my lips, just like the mint one. I don't have the interest to try the "honeydew honeysuckle" anymore. :-/


So it's weekend, I do my regular visit to Ross. Really bad habit !!
I like checking out their shoes section. I'm starting to have shoe fetish now. I didn't find any shoes I like this time, but I found a couple of things I ended up buying from the accessories section.

Lady Elegance Compact Mirror

The lighting is very white and bright. It reminds me of the Costco magnifying mirror I got last weekend. That's the main reason why I bought it LOL. The mirror is kinda tiny though. I only see one eye at a time.
It has a 3x magnifying mirror, and the lid is a 2x magnifier, good for reading tiny words. TARGET is selling this product for $12.99 (info). What a rip-off !!

I also bought leopard print makeup cases, comes in 3 sizes. Lucky me! I had been looking for a good travel makeup case and I am always a fan of leopard print. Yay! I was planning to buy a Harajuku Lovers makeup bag, but it's kinda expensive $25+ for one. So I'm happy that I could find a substitute!

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