Monday, September 14, 2009

Good monday !

Wow !! I haven't updated for awhile !!
I've been busy. Hubby and I have been window shopping at Honda and Toyota car dealerships. We want to buy a bigger car, a family car. ;-)

So, anyway! Last week I bought a FCUK "womble wool tunic" sweater on

Original $99, it's on sale for $29.70 (plus $6.95 shipping).

It's a love at first sight. But because it's kinda pricey, I wasn't sure if I should get it. My limit for a top is $20-$25.
I asked my hubby if I could get it, he said "Up to you, get it if you want it." So, I ended up getting it LOL.
I got it last friday, it's a little bit too big. They only had size medium. It should be alright. Knit shrinks a little after I wash it.
It's a very nice and soft, and very long, I can wear it as a dress, just like modeled.


Last Tuesday, 6pm had UGG sale. ❤ I was able to grab the boots that I had been eyeing on since fall season last year, for 80% off of the retail price!

Left to right:
Kona $38 (Orig. $190)
Baroque $36 (Orig $180)
Cove $30 (orig. $150)

The Baroque, with flash

The subtly paisley print is ❤
These boots run big, just like the original Classic.
I'm a size 6. I wear size 5 for these boots.

The Kona

Unlike the Classic version, they are true to size. Size 6 fit my feet snugly. Very comfortable.
I think someone who usually wears 6.5 won't fit in them.

The Cove

These boots are also true to size. I got size 6, they fit perfectly.
Whew! I was worried whole week, because according to some reviews on buzzillions, it's recommended to buy one size bigger.

I also bought a pair of Whitley boots in espresso color, they are an X-mas gift for a relative. I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting myself a pair too. They are freakin' nice boots !! I hope they fit her and she likes them... or I have to sale them on Ebay. I hope I don't need to!


Then today, I bought a Clarisonic "normal" brush head for hubby on eBay, because he's been borrowing my Clarisonic.
Honey, I love you, but s
haring one brush head is not very hygienic!

It's very cheap on eBay. Retail price is $25. I bought it for $13.99 shipped.
I also got 8% cashback from Bing, that's another $1.12 saving. Yay!

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