Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coach + 1st impression of Clarisonic

I woke up at 8 am today so that I could get ready, drove, and arrived at Coach Factory store right before it opened. I always do this when I want to go to that store, so that I can grab the good ones first from the clearance section. =)

And of course, i didn't forget to bring the Coach Factory 20% off coupon too !!

When I was there, half of the store was having 50% off sale. The new arrival was only 20% off.
Unfortunately (fortunate for my wallet!), this time I didn't see any handbags that I like. I particularly want a brown/chocolate-colored handbag. I already have black and gold, now I just want one in dark brown.

But, I didn't go home empty-handed!

I bought a couple of scarves. I had been wanting one to decorate my black Coach handbag. I was planning to get one, but I couldn't decide between these 2 designs, so I got both. They are cheap anyway! ^__^

Left - $9.99
Right - $11.99

After walking around to every corner of the store for at least 30 mins, and didn't find anything I liked, I decided to get the scarves only.
While I was standing in line w/ the scarves in my hand, and then I saw a girl holding this wristlet, I really liked the design. So I ran back to the clearance section, luckily there's still one left !! I don't use wristlets because they are too small for my junks, but since it's pretty cheap and I really like it, may as well get one too. It might come in handy, or I can just use it as a makeup case.


I also dropped by Banana Republic outlet. They were having sale too. These tops were 50% off.

Two organic cotton tees - $10 each (so comfy! The right one is supposed to be teal).
Green top - $15 (I really like the neckline and the sleeves design).

I went home after I visited these two stores, I shouldn't shop too much anyway, my walk-in closet is very full (T_T).


I went home and tried the Clarisonic for the first time. I tried the default one-minute setting (see the "The Manual" image on previous entry for further detail).

I wet my face, I applied a little bit of the cleanser that came w/ the Clarisonic, I used the Gentle Hydro Cleanser one. I turned it on, put the brush head on my face.......


The bristles were SO soft. The bristles spinned very fast, but massaged my skin very gently. I enjoyed it very much, one minute passed by really fast. After I finished, my skin felt really cool and fresh! Felt so clean! I think I'm gonna be addicted to it!

Then, I applied toner on my face with a cotton ball. Usually, the white cotton ball turned a bit beige-ish, because there's still a little bit of traces of makeup. With the Clarisonic, the cotton ball stayed white. So that means the Clarisonic removed more makeup much better than when I cleaned my face manually! Ah, I'm so glad I bought this gadget !!


  1. dannnnngggg. what foundation do you use that can't be removed by your normal cleanser?? O_O

  2. I used Bb cream foundation. The cleanser removes the foundation, but not completely you know. That's why the cotton ball color turns a bit beige-ish. That's why I always apply toner after i cleanse my face, to remove the last trace of dirt that I missed during cleansing.

  3. that green top is just darling!
    what a deal^^