Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall season = new theme + Stila & Pink deal!

Since we're now entering fall season, I updated the blog banner & color theme. =P

Hmmm what I did last weekend. Besides cleaned up around the house, ate dinner with my hubby's parents...... O yeah, before we went to their house, we went to the mall first. I had to return a couple of things I bought on Macy's site 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I got a stupid sales associate. After 15 minutes, she still couldn't figure out how to process online return, she almost gave me a store credit instead of crediting my money back to my credit card. What the heck. If another sales associate didn't drop by and help her, I think I would have to stay there for another 15 minutes (-__-").
Then, we also went to the Victoria's Secret store to redeem the free Pink panty coupon that I received in the mail awhile ago. I don't like Pink line that much, too cutesy, their quality is not that great, plus I don't like pink color.
I like the VS cotton line more. The choices were only pink, black and white. I got the a black boy bikini style. I wish beige was one of the color options.

Then today, my free Stila golden noir 24k smudge pot ($20 value) + a $2 refillable compact that I bought last week finally arrived in the mail.
It's technically not really free, since I had to buy something to get it for free and had to pay $7.95 shipping.
So total is $9.95 shipped (+tax). It's still a good deal.

It is pretty cool looking. It has micro-sized gold specks in it. The pot is 1 oz. more than MAC Fluidline.
Stila Golden Noir has black-brown shade. It is not as pitch black as MAC Fluidline in blacktrack

If you missed the deal, Stila is having the deal again. It doesn't say when it'll expire though.

Speaking about Pink, starting tuesday this week, they're giving away a limited edition Pink tee ($29.50 value) for $5, with any Pink purchase in-stores. Log into your pink nation and print coupon if you want it. =)

Actual picture of the tee - front & back (Credit)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Week's Haul

Sooooo I sold the UGG Baroque I purchased during the 80% off UGG sale on 6pm (this entry) on eBay and got myself a pair of Whitley.

I didn't like the Baroque that much.
I like the UGG Whitley I bought for a relative much more. These boots issue bothered my mind for a couple of days.
So I decided to sell the Baroque and used the profit from selling the Baroque to the cover part of the cost. I also saved more money from Bing (8%) and eBates (2%) cashbacks.
I think after the cashbacks and ebay/paypal fees, the final price of the boots are about $100. They are more expensive than the same ones I got on 6pm, but I'm completely happy. =) They are warm and comfortable. I'm totally going to wear them a lot this fall/winter!


Old Navy's this week's deal is all cardi coats for $20!
It's $16 with the ONW 20% off coupon!

I immediately fell in love with the striped toggle cardigan coat!
It'll look good when wear it with skinny jeans or skirts, boots, and beanies, sort of fobby-ish I guess. =)
For an ON brand, it's pretty good quality and thick.
It also comes with a hood, good for an unexpected weather change. ;-)
For the cardi coat length reference, my height is 5'5".


About 3-4 weeks ago, Evolution of Smooth, giving away a free lip balm per household. The favors are "sweet mint", "summer fruit", and "honeysuckle honeydew." I signed up for the minty flavor and summer fruit for hubby. I got 2 minty kind instead. T_T

This EOS is GREAT!! It's 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum & paraben free. Very friendly product!
I think they are much better than Blistex and Nivea, and totally much better than Burt Bees. It costs $3.29, pretty reasonable price. It moisturizes well, not sticky and long lasting. It makes my lips feel soft and smooth, without that the oily feeling. The shape is cute too! It's a twist-off top, so you don't have to worry the lid will fall off and make a mess inside your purse.

Because the "sweet mint" gave me a very good impression, I wanted to try the other flavor. I bought the "summer fruit" at Rite Aid.
Between "sweet mint" and "summer fruit", I like the mint one more. I love the tingling and cool feeling from the mint on my lips. It tastes like yummy candy canes too. The "summer fruit", it smells nice, but it tastes nothing. I had high expectation on this flavor, I thought I could taste it after I applied it on my lips, just like the mint one. I don't have the interest to try the "honeydew honeysuckle" anymore. :-/


So it's weekend, I do my regular visit to Ross. Really bad habit !!
I like checking out their shoes section. I'm starting to have shoe fetish now. I didn't find any shoes I like this time, but I found a couple of things I ended up buying from the accessories section.

Lady Elegance Compact Mirror

The lighting is very white and bright. It reminds me of the Costco magnifying mirror I got last weekend. That's the main reason why I bought it LOL. The mirror is kinda tiny though. I only see one eye at a time.
It has a 3x magnifying mirror, and the lid is a 2x magnifier, good for reading tiny words. TARGET is selling this product for $12.99 (info). What a rip-off !!

I also bought leopard print makeup cases, comes in 3 sizes. Lucky me! I had been looking for a good travel makeup case and I am always a fan of leopard print. Yay! I was planning to buy a Harajuku Lovers makeup bag, but it's kinda expensive $25+ for one. So I'm happy that I could find a substitute!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some beauty-related reviews

SUNTER LIGHTING Natural Daylight Magnifying Mirror

So, last weekend hubby and I went to Costco to do our monthly grocery shopping. I saw this cool magnifying dual-sided mirror that costs $19.99.

The specs:
  • 7" optical grade glass mirror reverses from 1X to 8X magnification
  • Energy efficient Full Spectrum Certified bulb encircles mirror to provide crisp, clear, true-to-life colors
  • Mirror head rotates 360º and tilts 45º allowing you to adjust to the best viewing angle for you
  • Glare-free
  • Fog-free
  • Shadow-free
  • Distortion-free
  • Touch sensitive switch provides instant on, flicker-free light
  • Sturdy satin nickel finish base and stand
  • Porcelain white light shade surrounds mirror
  • Overall height approximately 15"
  • Sunter Lighting/Model SLM-61

I thought, "Wow, that is SO cheap!" Seriously, you won't be able to get such good deal anywhere else!
I then asked hubby w/ my cutesy voice and puppy eyes, "I want that magnifying mirror *points*. Can I get it?" And then after he saw the price tag, and then, "Sure, it's only $20 anyway."

YAY! ❤

I have an old yellow-lighted magnifying mirror that I have had for 8-9 years (Wow! It's been that long?!). I compared them side by side, gosh, this Costco mirror is SOOOO much better, everything looks brighter and clearer!! I can apply liquid eyeliner close to my lash line easier, also tweezing my eyebrows is such a breeze. The mirror size is big enough for me to see my whole face in it.

Ever put on your makeup thinking you look like a million bucks -- only to get outside and be horrified when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror? This mirror will totally solve your problem !!

One bad thing about this strong magnifying mirror, I can see my skin flaws that I've never seen before, it's kinda depressing. LOL T__T


So, last couple of days I was researching on the Internet about how to treat my eyebrows. I usually used Sally Hansen facial hair removal cream once-twice a week to remove strays. Hair removal cream is very convenient, apply w/ a Q-tip, wait for 2-3 minutes, wipe it off w/ a paper towel and done. I used it once-twice a week. But, after months of using one, my skin couldn't stand it anymore. It always looked red and irritated.

So, I found this product called "Parissa Wax Strips Mini Eyebrows Design," You can read reviews on drugstore.com.
It got pretty good reviews, 4.5 stars out of 5.
I bought it at Fred Meyer for $6.xx. I don't know where else you can get this Parissa products.

*click pictures to see bigger version*

Description from the drugstore.com site:

Parissa Mini Wax Strips: a mess-free, express hair remover that makes eyebrow waxing a breeze. Perfectly sized for shaping or maintaining brows up to 6 weeks.

Smooth Skin. Clean & Simple
  • Azulene Oil: soothes & softens skin, prevents ingrown hair.
  • Ideal for: beginners, touch-ups and travel.
  • Contains: 32 16 x 2 sided mini strips. 8ml oil.

The mini strips

It works the same as wax strips, but this is more convenient. No mess, no need to heat it up.
If you've never waxed before, you probably will have a little trouble with it, like I did.
It took me about 30 mins and 2 of the mini strips to do my eyebrows.

Before & After


So, 2 weeks ago I bought something from Sephora and got this GWP "Philosophy Miracle Worker kit, " $65 value.
I was so excited of getting it because I read so many good reviews about Philosophy Hope in A Jar moisturizer and Purity cleanser. I wanted to try them first before spending $15+ for one small jar.

1. Purity made simple one step facial cleanser, 1 fl. oz

2. Hope in a jar therapeutic moisturizer for all skin types 0.4 oz.

3. Hope in a tube high denisty eye and lip firming cream 0.25 oz.

4. 1 foil sample of the microdelivery peel vitamin c/peptide resuracing crystals 0.30 oz step one

5. 1 foil sample microdelivery peel step two

6. 1 foil sample of microdelivery exfoliating wash

I used the Hope in A Jar at night before bed and I used the Purity cleanser with the Clarisonic to remove makeup.

Unfortunately, my skin doesn't like this product at all.

I have dry-combination skin.
The cleanser made my skin felt tight and stung a bit. The moisturizer didn't seem moisturizing enough for me. Next morning, my face had dry patches and my cheeks were kinda red.
After about 3 days of using them, I got mild pimples near my left eyebrow, my right cheek and some on my chin.
At first, I thought the cause of these pimples and redness because the Clarisonic brush was too rough.
But, after I stopped using the Philosophy and switched back to my Skinfood cleanser+Clarisonic and Olay moisturizer, my skin condition now is getting much better, my skin tone is more even/no redness and pimples are gradually disappearing.

Well, that's a bummer. Now I don't know what to do with the rest of this kit.

I only used the moisturizer 3-4 times at night and the cleanser twice. So there's still so much left. I haven't touched the rest.
Sooooo... I'm willing to give them away for $5 shipped if you want to try them out, just email me, at bunnyrandomstuff@gmail.com. ;-)

If you are looking for a cheap night cream, you should try this Olay - Night of Olay firming cream. It's only $6.xx at Target.
It's SO good, especially if you have dry skin type. It's very moisturizing. When I wake up, my skin is moisturized and supple. It doesn't make me breakout. It helps restoring my skin condition after my experiment with the Philosophy kit.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Stila deal !!

Ahhhh !! I haven't had the time to update :(

For now, here's another awesome deal from Stila.

$95 value smudgepot for $32 shipped (+tax)!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stila Smudge Pot deal + American Rag purchases

Yay weekeeeennndddd !! =D

I started the day by reading an email from stilacosmetics.

Don't miss out on your last chance to get your Smudge Pot in Golden Noir (a $20 VALUE) FREE with ANY purchase!

Enter coupon code: FREEFALL at checkout

Offer ends on Monday night at midnight. Pass it on!


I bought the cheapest item on the site, a $2 refillable compact.
So total after $7.95 shipping (eeww!) is
$9.95 shipped!!
That's 50+% saving! Well, that's because I don't get sales tax. ;-)

Can't wait to try it out !!


I received my Macy's order a few days ago. I bought them during their labor day sale

American Rag Boot-Cut Jeans, Creola Wash (Orig. $39.99)

When I bought them, they were on sale for $29.99, PLUS they had this $10 off of any jeans purchase deal. So I bought them for $19.99 shipped.
I was able to avoid their overpriced shipped $8-$12 shipping fee by buying one of their "Rock It" clothes from their American Rag line. I'll return it the next time i'll go to their dept store. ;-)
I was planning to keep it if it's nice, but the top I got was too big for me.

I LOVE AMERICAN RAGS jeans! They are the only jeans that fit my body perfectly like gloves. Plus, because of their odd sizing, I feel skinnier. I usually wear size 5/7 junior jeans or size 4 women jeans. For AR jeans, I wear size 1 !! LOL i'm such a dork.

American Rag Smocked Convertible Maxi Skirt or Dress (Orig. $45)

I bought this skirt for $14.99. I had been drooling over it since they released it around early spring. I LOVE MAXI SKIRTS !! But unfortunately, I have to return it, because I ordered one size too small. Also, it looks awkward and uncomfortable as a skirt. The bumpy design around the waist doesn't look right. It looks cute as a strapless dress though, but I don't like wearing strapless dresses.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Good monday !

Wow !! I haven't updated for awhile !!
I've been busy. Hubby and I have been window shopping at Honda and Toyota car dealerships. We want to buy a bigger car, a family car. ;-)

So, anyway! Last week I bought a FCUK "womble wool tunic" sweater on 6pm.com.

Original $99, it's on sale for $29.70 (plus $6.95 shipping).

It's a love at first sight. But because it's kinda pricey, I wasn't sure if I should get it. My limit for a top is $20-$25.
I asked my hubby if I could get it, he said "Up to you, get it if you want it." So, I ended up getting it LOL.
I got it last friday, it's a little bit too big. They only had size medium. It should be alright. Knit shrinks a little after I wash it.
It's a very nice and soft, and very long, I can wear it as a dress, just like modeled.


Last Tuesday, 6pm had UGG sale. ❤ I was able to grab the boots that I had been eyeing on since fall season last year, for 80% off of the retail price!

Left to right:
Kona $38 (Orig. $190)
Baroque $36 (Orig $180)
Cove $30 (orig. $150)

The Baroque, with flash

The subtly paisley print is ❤
These boots run big, just like the original Classic.
I'm a size 6. I wear size 5 for these boots.

The Kona

Unlike the Classic version, they are true to size. Size 6 fit my feet snugly. Very comfortable.
I think someone who usually wears 6.5 won't fit in them.

The Cove

These boots are also true to size. I got size 6, they fit perfectly.
Whew! I was worried whole week, because according to some reviews on buzzillions, it's recommended to buy one size bigger.

I also bought a pair of Whitley boots in espresso color, they are an X-mas gift for a relative. I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting myself a pair too. They are freakin' nice boots !! I hope they fit her and she likes them... or I have to sale them on Ebay. I hope I don't need to!


Then today, I bought a Clarisonic "normal" brush head for hubby on eBay, because he's been borrowing my Clarisonic.
Honey, I love you, but s
haring one brush head is not very hygienic!

It's very cheap on eBay. Retail price is $25. I bought it for $13.99 shipped.
I also got 8% cashback from Bing, that's another $1.12 saving. Yay!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ross Haul

Before grocery shopping, I dropped by Ross today. It seems it's been a routine for me every weekend. Very bad!

I bought a pair of dark brown Nine West boots for $19.99.

They are very tall boots, fall right below my knees/shins.
Just what I'd been looking for, a pair of affordable non-black leather boots. They are kinda stiff though, hard to bend my ankles, soooo I'm keeping the receipt, just in case I've a second thought.

I also bought a bunch of closet organizer, for $3.49 each.

I bought everything they had on the shelf!! They are just what I need to keep my high piles of clothes from falling down. LOL... Man, I have to donate some of them to Goodwill for real.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coach + 1st impression of Clarisonic

I woke up at 8 am today so that I could get ready, drove, and arrived at Coach Factory store right before it opened. I always do this when I want to go to that store, so that I can grab the good ones first from the clearance section. =)

And of course, i didn't forget to bring the Coach Factory 20% off coupon too !!

When I was there, half of the store was having 50% off sale. The new arrival was only 20% off.
Unfortunately (fortunate for my wallet!), this time I didn't see any handbags that I like. I particularly want a brown/chocolate-colored handbag. I already have black and gold, now I just want one in dark brown.

But, I didn't go home empty-handed!

I bought a couple of scarves. I had been wanting one to decorate my black Coach handbag. I was planning to get one, but I couldn't decide between these 2 designs, so I got both. They are cheap anyway! ^__^

Left - $9.99
Right - $11.99

After walking around to every corner of the store for at least 30 mins, and didn't find anything I liked, I decided to get the scarves only.
While I was standing in line w/ the scarves in my hand, and then I saw a girl holding this wristlet, I really liked the design. So I ran back to the clearance section, luckily there's still one left !! I don't use wristlets because they are too small for my junks, but since it's pretty cheap and I really like it, may as well get one too. It might come in handy, or I can just use it as a makeup case.


I also dropped by Banana Republic outlet. They were having sale too. These tops were 50% off.

Two organic cotton tees - $10 each (so comfy! The right one is supposed to be teal).
Green top - $15 (I really like the neckline and the sleeves design).

I went home after I visited these two stores, I shouldn't shop too much anyway, my walk-in closet is very full (T_T).


I went home and tried the Clarisonic for the first time. I tried the default one-minute setting (see the "The Manual" image on previous entry for further detail).

I wet my face, I applied a little bit of the cleanser that came w/ the Clarisonic, I used the Gentle Hydro Cleanser one. I turned it on, put the brush head on my face.......


The bristles were SO soft. The bristles spinned very fast, but massaged my skin very gently. I enjoyed it very much, one minute passed by really fast. After I finished, my skin felt really cool and fresh! Felt so clean! I think I'm gonna be addicted to it!

Then, I applied toner on my face with a cotton ball. Usually, the white cotton ball turned a bit beige-ish, because there's still a little bit of traces of makeup. With the Clarisonic, the cotton ball stayed white. So that means the Clarisonic removed more makeup much better than when I cleaned my face manually! Ah, I'm so glad I bought this gadget !!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Got me a new toy !!

I got my new toy from UPS today =)

I bought the
Classic Skin Care System - White by Clarisonic (7 piece) and one replacement brush head.
This gadget received dozens of great reviews, you can read them on amazon, sephora, dermstore, beautychoice, etc.

I wasn't sure if it's okay to buy one, because it's soooo pricey! But, I got an "OK" from hubby. ;-)

Description: The Classic Skin Care System is an innovative approach to facial cleansing that utilizes a flexible, dual brush design and oscillating movements to loosen and remove impurities while clarifying the skin. Repetitive motions stimulate circulation in skin and wash away dirt and residue for a rejuvenated, fresh feel and appearance.

I bought it last week, Dermstore was having 20% off of Favorites + a free 12-month Allure subscription (or $12 refund rebate)
And at almost the same time, Bing offered 30% cashback!!

So, the calculation:
Clarisonic ($195) + replacement brush head for sensitive skin ($25) = $220

- 20% off

- 30% cashback from Bing

- $12 magazine rebate

Final total = $111.20

I love discounts and cashback!!

I bought the white version (sensitive skin) because it's supposed to be ideal for face.
I read some reviews about the gray version (normal skin), it's mostly used by men and for body.
The delicate skin brush head is ideal for removing facial masks and exfoliating.

The Classic Skin Care System includes:

  • Clarisonic Brush Handle
  • Charging Cradle
  • Brush Head
  • Brush Head Cover
  • Nourishing Care Cleanser (1 fl. oz.)
  • Gentle Hydro Cleanser (1 fl. oz.)
  • Refreshing Gel Cleanser (1 fl. oz.)

  • Click picture to see the bigger version of the pictures

    The packaging:

    The Manual

    Ugh, the setting looks complicated with the long and short beeps and all. @_@

    Too bad I have to charge it for 24 hours first because I can use it.

    Well, I hope it's worth it.

    I took pictures of the skin of my face.
    I thought my skin looked fine, but damn, it actually looks really awful close-up,... blemishes, big pores, and blackheads (ToT)
    I will take pictures again after I use it for 1 or 2 weeks, to see if this gadget really will improve my skin condition.

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    It's been a little while

    Wow, it's been 4 days since my last post! It seems my shopping habit has reduced a little. :-O
    That's good news, I guess? (^___^")
    I've been trying to not go over my monthly budget. I think it's been going pretty well so far.

    Anyway! Last week MJRSales had 50% off shipping deal, when bought 2 or more items. I bought these two, with my
    EBATES cashback money. It's nice spending money without spending my budget. LOL

    The item I really want is the right one. The babydoll is just a filler, to reach the 2+ or more requirement. Both of them costs $5.99 each (plus shipping). When I got my package, there's only the babydoll in it, they didn't send me the second top!! I found a discount coupon/store credit in the packaging. It says the other top's not as described/defective, so they gave me that store credit instead. I contacted them and asked for a refund instead. Bummer! I really wanted that top =( I already have one in heather gray and I love it, that's why I bought another one. Good thing the babydoll is really cute in real life. I wish it came with a cute bottom too thoughhhhhh.

    Today, I finally got the trenchcoat I bought from ASOS 1.5 weeks ago for $24.39 shipped! It's a quite unique coat, can't get this in USA, especially for THAT price. =D
    I usually buy size 10 for their tops, but since my previous 2 outerwears were kinda tight/small, I picked size 12 this time. It fits perfect!! Not baggy, but enough room for thick clothes. It's made of thick cotton, perfect for fall season.


    Off the shopping topic,

    Check out my work desk!! =D

    I got the dual-display wallpaper from DeviantArt.
    The lava lamp was from a retired employee.
    The multicolored flower lei was from Luau leftover.

    When I minimize the windows on my desktop, I feel like I'm on a tropical island, feel relax. LOL yeah, I'm a dork.

    Yesterday night I found this Purikura iPhone app.
    I have so much fun with it! I wish they had more cute frame designs and stamps though. =P

    I covered his face for his privacy. Too bad, his expression in this photo is VERY funny!

    ~~~ UPDATE !! ~~~

    I found a better app, called "Puri"
    It has better frames and stamps designs, they are more asian-ish.. LOL
    Also, I can upload the images directly to Facebook !! Luv it !!