Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish

My Zoya purchases that I bought during their Zoya 5000 "Free 3 nail polish" promo.

Left to right: Jo, Harley, Deidra, Pasha, Fiona, Gaia

I tried Fiona, I don't like it. It's sheer pearly white, with pink iridescent. I can't stand the pink part. I'm planning to give this one away.

I also tried Harley.
It's a cool soft gray color. Very unique. I really like it!!

I also tried Pasha, the color reminds me of coffee mocha... shoot, i'm hungry now. I don't have a picture, but I found a picture that shows the color really well.


I also bought the "Zoya Armor Top Coat" and "Zoya Remover+Big Flipper".
I like the Zoya Remover+ bottle !! It's a pump dispenser like the nail salons use. So it's spill-proof !! It's huge too !! ^__^ And smells quite nice, it doesn't have that strong alcohol smell like the drugstore brands have.

The colors I picked aren't that impressive, all neutral colors ^__^" . I thought I should just buy the versatile ones, that are appropriate for office work. Now, I kinda wish I bought one or two dark colored ones, like Kotori (left) or Loredana (right). Yah, next time !!

Zoya nail polishes are really great. Not watery, easy to apply, and dry quite fast too. My nails are weak, so I usually only apply a couple of coats of nail strengthener only (I use Sephora by OPI Nail Strengthener. This product is AMAZING!! $9 well spent!!). I rarely apply color nail polishes on my finger nails because they make my nails weaker and break easily. With Zoya, that hasn't happened yet. I guess it's because Zoya nail polishes contain less chemical, they are toluene and formaldehyde free.


  1. Hi Bunny, I would not recommend Kotori. It took me at least 4 coats and couldn't get the look in the picture that you have. This color is so sheer and I don't like it a bit!! I ended up painted black then put 2 coats of Kotori and it turned out not so bad.

  2. The matte collection looks nice! I'm really drawn to the design of the bottle. Damn, I should of bought some but I resisted myself because I have too many already. =(

    And that Harley one looks nice too!!