Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend haul

So yesterday I went to Sephora to return the Lancome Hypnose, and bought a couple of things there.

Someone commented my previous blog, "Are you even allowed to return USED mascara? I'm sure that's not hygienic..."
Answer is, "Yes, you can."... LOL reminds me of Obama's presidential campaign.

That's one of many good things about brand name cosmetic stores, including department stores like Nordstrom and Macys. You can return anything and get a refund within 60-90 days of purchase, used or not, no questions asked. I don't know what they usually do with them, I heard they just throw away the returned items.

Anyway, I got the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara ($28) and Sephora Powder Sifter Jar ($4).
I paid with a gift card. I love gift cards !!

My favorite mascara! It lengthens and thickens. I also love the brush shape, because it's tiny, I am able to work on a very small group of lashes at a time. It's recommended to apply a mascara primer first, to prevent smudging late in the day.

I kinda wanted to try Dior Show, heard so much hype about it.
But what if I didn't like it too? It's a hassle to go back and exchange it, since the nearest Sephora is 1 hour away from my home. Yah, someday.

My other purchase, Sephora swifter jar for mineral powder, pretty good price for one. I could have gotten cheaper ones on eBay, but i like theirs because of the see-through cap, so I can see how messy inside before I unscrew the cap. Though, because the lid is made of glass, it can crack anytime, so I've to be careful about where I'm keeping it in my bag.
I'm going to cover some of the holes w/ a clear tape, so that the sifter doesn't release too much powder at a time.

My gift card only has $55 left. I hope I can wait until Sephora 20% off Friends and Family sale, in 3 months. Last year it was held in November. Agh. so long!


Two days ago I finally received my merchandise credits from Victoria's Secret. It's the same as store credit, but this one you get when you return an online purchase. It can be used toward your next either online or instore purchases.
It didn't take long to get it. It's about 1 week after I received the return confirmation email from them.

I returned some clothes that I bought from their site. Two things I bought about 4-6 months ago, and one that I bought less than a month ago. I'd been wanting to return the older ones for awhile, since they didn't really flatter my body type, but I waited till I had more to return since I saved more on shipping fee that way.
I love VS policy !! They have the "no sale is final" policy.
If it's already over 90 days, they will still refund your money in the form of a merchandise credit redeemable with your next purchase.

I'm going to use them to buy a $68 sweaterdress that I've been eyeing on for awhile. They are currently having 25% off dresses, which makes the dress costs $51, .... but I think I'm just going to wait a little bit longer. Hoping it will go on sale soon. *cross fingers*


Today, I bought Shiseido Eyelash Curler replacement pads on eBay. The one I'm using now is in very poor condition.

I bought it from a seller called potterykitty.
One bag contains 2 refills, costs $3.99+$2.75 shipping.
I bought 3 bags, I'm stocking up, plus I saved $5 on shipping fee.
The pads work for Shiseido 214 and 213, the seller says they also work for Shu Uemura eyelash curlers too.

This seller is from USA. There are a few sellers that sell them cheaper, but they are from Hong Kong, I can't wait that long. I need my eyelash curler !!


  1. thanks!
    ^^ i love it too.
    the only bad thing is the key makes the bag a lot heavier haha!

    i love VS too but shipping to Canada is crazy!

  2. I know you from soompi! hahaa mostly from the sample/freebie thread lol

    Ooo I wanna try the Givenchy one now! I passed by it a bunch of times in the mall.. hehe
    Dior Show is really good :) One of my top three :)

  3. lol at you editing your entry. you wore the clothes and decided after wearing them that they didn't fit your body type? why couldn't you have just tried them on and decided then. so cheap..

  4. Christian cross crucifix can be a great gift

  5. Well, VS clothes (the non-PINK line) are only sold online. How could I try them on. Gosh. *roll eyes*

  6. To "Gift", sorry, she's a Catholic.