Thursday, August 27, 2009

Victoria's Secret + Elf

Remember this dress that I posted a short while ago? :)

I took it to a tailor and had it shortened last friday. I picked it up today during lunch time. I like it much better now!! It less looks like a 1950s dress and I don't drown in it anymore. LOL. Next, I have to iron it. The skirt is very wrinkly.

The tailor complimented the dress when she's measuring the skirt length and inserting needles. She thought it's an Anthropologie dress and it cost about $150. Well, she guessed the price right (Orig. price $148). ^__^"
She thought it's a very expensive dress because of how it's very well made, how the fabric's very good quality (it's a cotton/silk after all), and the neatly hidden seams. The seam part really does look different from the seams of cheap dresses, no wonder it costs $148. :-O

The VS orders I received yesterday...I also got 2% cashback from Ebates, not a lot, but money is still money right ? =P

Embroidered knee-length skirt Orig. $59.50.
Clearance $34.99.

I bought the skirt for $21.98 shipped. I mailed my $16.50 merchandise certificate today to cover part of the cost ^__^.
I really this skirt, it's good quality, the embroidered design and the scallop edge are so pretty !!
But, ..... it's one size too small. Gah! I bought the same size as my other VS bottoms though! T__T

I wore the skirt today, so when I was picking up my dress, I asked the tailor for an advice about the skirt. She said she could add 1 to 1.5 inches to the waist by adding an extra fabric. Fine by me !! I usually wear a long shirt, so the zipper part is hidden. I'm bringing the skirt back to the tailor next Tuesday. Yay!

I also received a henley tee and a cami. Both for $10.97 shipped.
The henley tee is quite sexy, low cut. Thick cotton, kinda shorter than pictured though, but I still like it !! The cami is also awesome! I love the slightly v-neck cut and the flower-trimmed too.

Last, I also received my ELF 75% off studio line order, finally !!

10 pc. Studio Brush Set - $30
Makeup Artist Brush Belt - $15
Makeup Remover Cleansing cloth - $3 each
Eyebrow tamer - $3

Purchased all for $16.xx shipped! I haven't had the time to try them out. I wish I bought the kabuki face brush too. I forgot to add it when I purchase them. I'm not sure what to do with the brush belt, since I am not a MUA hahah. It's very good quality though. It looks very expensive :-O

I also received this ELF lip gloss for free, because I referred the ELF site to 3 people..... it sucks!! It's very sheer. After I applied it, I couldn't rub my lips together at all because it's sticky and not moisturizing.


  1. Bunny, the dress looks so fab on you!

  2. That dress looks really pretty!
    I love your shoes too! =O
    Where did you get them??

  3. Thanks!! <3
    The white heels? Those are from Nine West, I bought them 2-3 years ago on eBay