Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ASOS Outerwear ❤

Finally received my last ASOS orders !! ... Well, until their next big sale. ;-)

Original price was $101.15. I bought it for $26.68 shipped.

I love this trench coat!! It's quite cool and unique looking ! Very pretty gray color.
Perfect for fall !! I'm gonna match it w/ slouched boots or tall leather boots.

It fits great overall, but I had to move the buttons closer to the edge of the coat. I couldn't button the coat because my boobs are too big. =_=
Luckily, there's 1 inch to 1.5 inches gap between the button and the edge of the coat. After I moved them closer to the edge,
I can button the coat much easier ^__^".

And then the jacket, original price was $81.84, I bought it for $21.17 shipped. :-)

I swear the jacket real color is cargo green, not brown !! I don't know why it looks brown in the pictures. Maybe because of the yellow lighting @_@
I have no complain about the color, I'd been wanting a cargo green jacket! ❤

The material is very good quality, thick and well made. I like how it makes me looks slimmer. ❤
Though, this jacket runs smaller, very fitted. The back part is narrow, I can't lift my arms higher than shoulder high. My friend who bought the same jacket warned me about it. She told me right after I bought the jacket. =__=
The chest part is a bit tight too. I can button all buttons fine if I wear a tee underneath, but it won't if I wear a sweater. I was thinking to move the buttons, just like what I did to the trench coat. Well, still thinking about it, too many buttons, kinda lazy to do it. LOL

I think from now on I should buy one size larger than my regular size for their outerwear. :-/


  1. Hi Bunnylicious,
    I was just wondering what size do you buy for your asos outerwear?

  2. I get one size bigger. I usually wear ASOS tops size 10. For outerwear, I get size 12.
    The size 10 is too tight on the bust area. If you're going to wear thick clothes/layers of clothes, I suggest you buy 1 size bigger.