Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I found this deal on Victoria's Secret Chat Thread - Slickdeals forum

VS Body-Wick® natural racerback bra ($18) comes up as $10 in your cart if you add two or more.
If you girls need sports bras you can buy two Body-Wick® natural racerback bras for $20 and get free shipping
If you have a VS card you can use a $10 off bra code (FA917281, exp 12/31/09) and get two sports bras for $10 (+tax) shipped.

Hella good deal!!! Not sure why they only cost $10 each if put 2 bras or more, a glitch? Well, if it is a glitch, and you need sports bras, you'd better get them ASAP, before they realize it. LOL ;-)

Today, my Final Fantasy Moogle plush doll came in the mail! Soooooo cute !!
I'm just going to hang it somewhere in my work area or my handbag, it's too big as a cellphone chain... well, that's my original plan anyway. My iPhone doesn't have a hole to hang it. LOL

I saw someone bought this Forever 21 dress on Soompi. I really like it very much. To make it worse, it's only $10.99 !! Aghhh soo tempted !!

I really like the spiral patterns a lot, it's so unique. They kinda resemble to roses. Most summer dresses have colorful flowery designs. I don't like them because they are too girlie for me. I also like the babydoll style, and how the neckline is not low, so it won't show so much cleavage. But, I decided not to get it, because I think such dress w/ busy patterns don't suit me. I'm too old for it. Also, since my boobs are big, I bet it is still look slutty on me. *sigh* (._.) .... but it's a cute dress... ugh...well, i'll think about it again. LOL


  1. Hii!
    Just thought you were really pretty! ^__^
    & you're really skinny & your calves are so nice!
    I also <3 your fashion sense! :)

    Just thought I'd give a shout~

  2. Haha you're so cute. I love your blog. It's the only blog I read that has deals with shopping and stuff. =D

    You're really helpful so keep it up!

  3. All of my bras are shipped and I'm receiving one package on Monday and the second on Tuesday! I didn't think it was going to go through since it kind of seemed too good to be true but I'm glad it did!!!