Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shoe shopping... not so lucky day...

Today was all about shoes.

Late friday night/saturday morning I visited 6pm site, and found out that they were having Sofft sale. All shoes for $24.95! Up to 70% discount !! Their shoes are very comfortable, like Clarks and Birkenstocks. So it's a very awesome deal.

I saw these boots, and I fell in love instantly.
Original price was about $169, on sale for $24.95. No other place offers better deal than that !!

I put them in the shopping cart, there's a warning, "only 2 pairs left."
It was around 1 am, I didn't really think much about the warning, I thought most people already went to bed (= I'm so naive).
I first searched for reviews to make sure that they were good quality. Then, after about 10-15 mins of searching & reading reviews, I decided to get them! I refreshed the page, and it said, "This size is out of stock." I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!" and I just kept refreshing and refreshing the page, hoping it's not real. Sad !! (T___T)
Other websites don't sell those boots for THAT cheap, they sell them for $70-$100+ *sighhh*

Then, today I was super bored at home, so I went to the mall around 4 pm. I had to redeem my free panty coupon from Victoria's Secret anyway.
I went to Macy's first, since they were having the One Day Sale, I went straight to the clearance shoes section. I saw these super cute Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals. Original price was $79, on sale for $35. Good deal !

I couldn't find my size. I wear size 6. The smallest size I could find on the shelves was size 6.5. I tried them on, they looked sooooo nice, very flattering !! I love the decoration on the straps very much. So, I asked the sales associate if they had them in size 6. She said all the shoes on the shelves were the shoes that they had left.

Aghhh.... !! T___T the boots, and now this, so not my lucky day *sigh*

After that unfortunate event, I went straight to Victoria's Secret, I wasn't in the mood to shop for anything else. I went to VS to redeem my "FREE Bare Ultimate panty w/ any purchase" coupon. I purchased the VS Pink lollipop ($1.50), so that I could use the coupon. It's the cheapest item in store.

This panty is so dang comfortable! I think it's the MOST comfortable and high quality panty I've ever tried, from Victoria's Secret! Love it !! It has velvet lining on the waist and leg opening. So fancy !! I don't think I'll ever buy one myself though. It costs $12 for one, man, too pricey for me. =(

On the way back to home, I went to Ross. I went straight to the shoes section, saw a bunch of flats, heels, and a few pairs of boots.. but this pair really caught my eyes...

The color is so unique !! Very nice design, and comfortable. I also like the height. The heels are 3.5 inches high. My ideal height is 3 to 3.5 inches. Higher than that (4 inches and higher), I can't walk longer than 30 minutes!!

I rarely wear dressy shoes, since I don't go out much, but since I really love them, I'll try finding the time to wear them! I can wear them to the mall I guess! LOL
Beside the shoes, I also bought a table cloth and glasses, for $2 each! I found them at the "as is" section.
The glasses are cheap because it's missing a glass. I think a customer broke it, since there were pieces of glasses in the box.
My hubby bought the same one in June, they originally cost $5-6.

For the table cloth, also $2. There's nothing wrong with it.
I think it's cheap because it's already opened, or maybe it's a customer returned. It's 60" x 102". Very good quality.
I bought it because the color matches w/ my Ikea curtains. LOL :-D

Then, when I got home, I suddenly realized that I forgot to go to Nordstrom to buy the HUE socks for my flats. Dammit. T_T

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