Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quickie!!

Yesterday after work, my hubby and I went to the mall to buy some things, we only spent there for about 15-20 mins, because we were supposed to go straight to his home to eat dinner with his family. ^^"

We first went to Nordstrom, to buy the HUE liners for flats. I was very frustrated with the flat liners I had been wearing. The back part didn't want to stay up, constantly slipped off my heel!! I had to constantly stop walking every minute just to fix them.

I bought the "Hidden Cotton Liner," 3 pairs for $15.

Pretty pricey, but they are worth it. These HUE liners have silicone on the back of the heel to ensure the liner stays up all day. They really stay up!!

We next visited Victoria's Secret to claim the PINK beauty kit and a lace-trim thong, each free with any PINK purchase. I dragged my hubby with me just in case I couldn't combine the kit and thong offers. =D

For the beauty travel kit, you have join/sign in into your Pink Nation account and print the coupon. For the thong, no coupon, you just grab one from the panties table, ANY color from their "cheeky" collection.
Luckily, my store carries the $1.50 lollipops!! No need to spend a lot to get the freebies. Yay!

And then, we drove to his family's home, and ate a Chinese restaurant. Ten dishes!! I was so stuffed !!

From Sunday 'till a short moment ago, I wore Zoya nail polish, in Gaia. I love the white frosty color. It has sparkle finish too!! Kinda sheer and streaky though. I had to apply the nail polish 2-3 times to get the clean look I wanted. I removed the nail polish today because I broke two of my nails, one was yesterday and the other was one today. T_T Bah. Ugly.

I had a few packages came in the mail today ^^" No time to take pics. I'll post them up soon. Now I have to work out, gotta burn off those Chinese food! Ciao !!

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  1. Those socks look so comfy! I'm tempted to go get myself a few pairs now.

    Also, I really like that nail polish color. It's really pretty. ^.^

    I'm from Soompi, by the way! ^^