Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Old Navy haul

My hubby and I went to ON after work.
A nice Soompi member gave me her $50 off of $100 coupon because she's not planning to use it. Good timing! Hubby wanted to buy more pants.

His: A polo and two pair of khakis

- Two argyle polos. I luv the argyle patterns!
- Two camis. I like these camis because they don't have
the built-in shelf-bra, it's useless and suffocating.

Total after coupon = $51 total.


  1. Nice choices! I love bargain shopping, too. Finding the best buys is a challenge and in the end, buying what you really wanted in a cool price is very satisfying :)

  2. I totally agreed with you about the camis with built in bras. They are suffocating and it's always hard to come across solid colors ones (at least for me since I live in a small town).

    I wish I liked ON's clothes better so I can try to get those coupons! But everytime I get one I never find anything I like. =(

    But I do like the polo, especially the design on them. BTW, this is blah. from Soompi. =)

  3. you always buy stuff! haha i see you on what did you buy thread on soompi

  4. Haha. I changed it to white background so hopefully it's easier to see now. I'm not skilled enough to make my own layout so I just use the ones that comes with the blog. =(

    I think I'm more excited to see The Time Traveler's Wife. It looks good from the trailer. My purchase are nothing compared to yours. =(

    Oh, and you can call me Mal or Mallory. Being called "blah" seems so awkward at times. LOL!

  5. So I'm not sure how this commenting thing works because it's really unlike livejournal (I'm more used to it). So I'll just comment here again. LOL!

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened but thankfully it was found!! That $5 a month definitely paid off. I had a scare this month when I received an email about overdrafting when I had plenty of money in my account. But the account number didn't look familar to me at all. Then I realized that they were talking about my dad's account. He overdrafted because he transferred too much into his savings by accident. -__-;; LOL!

    Anyways, that shopping ban is and is not working!! I ended up buying a shoe and some cardigan at ON because it was an additional 50% Off Clearance. Someone needs to take my card away. =(

  6. I went to ON yesterday.. found a lot of good buys since clearance was an extra 50% off. I got 5 pairs of jeans/jacket/shirts/hoodie turned out being around $50 after my coupon, well I'm a happy camper and I hadn't been to ON since like a few years haha.