Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old Navy Argyles

I received a $10 reward coupon from Old Navy. I found it when I was sorting my bills yesterday LOL. I have a credit card account with them.
So !! I right away drove to ON store that's located about 10 mins drive from my home.
I was going to buy an off-shoulder that I saw online with it, but I didn't because it looked fugly on me. Then, I saw one of their modelquins was wearing an argyle cardigan sweater. I love argyles!

They come in 5 different color combinations. The hot pink and yellow are too bright for my taste. I like the dark gray one the most. It seems that color is the most popular too. There were only 3 left in the store and still so many left in other colors. Luckily, one of them was in my size! I also like the beige one too, but it doesn't look good against my skin tone. The black one is nice too. But, since my hair is black, I don't like wearing black clothes that much. It's too gloomy. But, I love wearing black lingeries and dresses ;)

They are $26.50, on sale for $20. So it's only $10 after the coupon.
The cardigan is pretty good quality, thick, soft and comfortable.

Then, while I was typing this blog & posting the pictures, I noticed the dark green-light green color combination of my sweater's not the same as the website stock photo. It's reversed !! The modelquin's cardigan is the same as mine though.
How odd.......
*confused* Why the online one is different..?

Anyway, that was the second time I bought an argyle top from Old Navy. I love their argyle collection. Two weeks ago, I bought their polos. I love the puffed-sleeves, I love the color combination of the argyle patterns, also they make me look preppy, sorta. LOL

I really like some of their fall collection, they look better than usual.
These are some of my favorites. They aren't available in store yet, at least in my store.
I really want them all !!
I must get one of those $50/$100 or $75/$100 ONW coupon again!! (.__.)


  1. That ON argyle sweater looks good on you! I wish I was skill enough to find one of those coupons. =( I've gotten it once but that was because of pure luck. I somehow managed to get in doing the updates and see what was going on (but that doesn't happen anymore).

    And those two sweater toward the bottom looks nice too! How much did they cost without the coupon that is?

  2. ^ Hi Mal! The last 2 sweaters? They are $20 each. :)

  3. musttt. gooo. tooo. OLD NAVYYY.
    haha i love your blog
    you feed my raging inner shopaholic xD