Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yay, weekend !!

Got a little payday today!
EBATES sent $$ to my Paypal account today. Ka-ching !!
Finally, after waiting for 3 months for it! I love sites that offer cashback!

Also, today I received a "refund check" from Victoria's Secret worth $20 in the mail. I was confused at first about why they sent me this. It seems they sent me this check because of the order that I canceled last week. I purchased some VS stuff with a $20 off code, and a "free panty w/ any full-priced item purchase". Long story short, because of some glitch, the site didn't take the 2nd code after I clicked the submit button, so they charged me much more than I wanted. So I called and asked them to cancel the whole order. That's so nice of them. Again, ka-ching !! :)

Finally I received a couple of orders that I purchased with the $15 and $20 off codes.
I browsed around some forums to find these codes. Some members didn't want to buy anything, so I asked if I could have them. I made three orders to be exact. I received two, the other one should come some time next week.

Garment-Dyed Pencil Skirt Orig. $49.50.
Clearance $19.99.
Total $10.98 shipped (after $15 off code)
~ paid with a gift card ;)

I'm so happy that I picked the right size !! I'm sick of wearing denim skirts.
I love this skirt, I love the slit on the front heheh :-P

Cap-Sleeves Shirtdress in Stripe Orig. $148.
Clearance $44.99.

Total $23.98 shipped (after $20 off code + $10 Angel Reward)

Finally I could buy this dress for really cheap !! The dress fits fine overall, except the chest area can't fully accommodate my boobs, so I have to wear a cami underneath.
But, I was kinda not sure if I wanted to keep it or not, because the skirt puffiness reminded me of the 1950s fashion. Someone said I felt that way probably because it's not my usual style. She got a good point there.
My friend and my hubby said it looked cute and nice and told me to keep it. Yah, looks like I'm keeping it.
I'm planning to mail back a $19.50 merchandise certificate (= online store credit) to cover the cost of the dress. That way my next VS bill won't be so much LOL.

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  1. I'm on a comment spree tonight because I finally have time to sit down and actually read everything! Haha.

    I totally love that dress!!! It looks so nice on you. And that puffiness isn't all that bad. I kind of like it. LOL!