Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Fantasy Plush Key/Cell Chain

After the VS $15/$20 off coupon deal was over, I thought I wouldn't shop anymore for awhile, since there's no more good online deals from my favorite online stores.
But No !! Strapya has to tell me that they are currently selling my favorite RPG game characters, from Final Fantasy !!

You can get them here . Supplies are limited. So better decide quickly if you want one!

I had been wanting one of those Final Fantasy dolls for years, but they were sold out everywhere. When they emailed me about this, I couldn't resist !!

Too bad the Sabotender/Cactuar is not as good as the original SE doll.

I bought the Moglie. The "antenna" and the wings are hella cute !! The price is $9.xx, with $5.xx Airmail shipping fee, pretty decent price. I bought two, the other one for my older sister.

Okay, I hope this time NOTHING will tempt me anymore !!.... At least for a week. T__T


  1. Haha, everything tempts me. =( I eventually broke my shopping ban -- well, not really since my sister reimburse me for all the items. I think in order for both of us to go on a shopping ban someone needs to take our CC away. LOL!

    And apparently Windows 7 solved some of the problems that Vista had. I'm just hoping the school will sell them so I can get the upgrade for $12. =)

    Oh gosh, and I do not fit girl's clothing. Those were XL in little girls which is why they fit. LOL! I have a big bust and broad shoulder so everything always look awkward on me. =(

    As for your Final Fantasy Cellphone chain, they're so cute. I can never go on Strapya because I'm always so tempted to buy stuff!! Everything literally calls our your name. =(

  2. Heyy :) I really like your blog entries w/ all those bargainss lol
    so where were you able to pick up those coupons for victoria's secret & starbucks? Oh & how are those givenchy mascaras? can i request a review on them? Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Hi Mal !! Ohh size XL! I should try that size sometime. ON girl has some better looking clothes.

    Hi Sandra!! Thanks!! :)
    Last month Starbuck gave away those coupons via Facebook last month. For the VS, I got the coupons from bunch of forums. There were some members who didn't want to use them, so I requested them. I love the Givenchy mascara <3 I'll find a time to do a review, with picture! Maybe this weekend. >_<