Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach + Shopping + Buffet

Yesterday (friday), I took a day off from work. My hubby took a day off. So, we went to Lincoln City (OR) beach.

On the way, we went to Target first, to buy this Sonia Kashuk Bristle Hair brush ($14.99). According to the reviews on Target and Amazon site, it's comparable to the Mason Pearson $100+ boar bristle hair brush. So I bought this since I can't afford an MP. (^__^")
I didn't want to buy it online because I had to spend $50 to get free shipping. It's so hard to find one here. The Target near my home didn't have it in stock. The Target where I bought this brush, only had one left, soo luckkkyy.

I used this brush below before. OMG, the SK one is muuuchhh beeettttteeerrr!! With the old brush, I always had tug-of-war with the hair brush when I was trying to detangle my hair. With the SK, it detangles my hair easily, and it massages my scalp too. You know frequent scalp massaging can stimulate healthy and faster hair growth, right? ;-) You should totally buy one !!

And then we went ahead to the beach !! The weather was crappy, raining on and off. It's because of that stupid Ignacio tropical storm. But, because of the storm, I could see high waves going in and out at the beach. Pretty neat yo.

Lincoln City (OR) beach

❤ Hubby + I ❤


And then we went to the Tanger Outlet. We didn't shop much, just window shopping. I went to Coach Outlet too, but didn't get anything, no 20% off coupon :(. I'll just wait till the Labor day sale. Wilson Leather's having 40% off regular-regular price items + additional 20% off. Pretty good deal. So if you want to buy wool coats or leather jackets, you should check out the store !! Hubby bought a couple of card wallets and a couple of phone cases to put in the car, total less than $10, very cheap!

We also went to Old Navy, to redeem a coupon for a free "Stuff & Save" limited edition tote (2 designs) + additional 20% off of anything I stuffed in the tote. The totes are special deal for ON cardholders.

The tote is very nice and sturdy, made of canvas. Inside there's a small wallet-size pocket too.

Exclusive at ON outlet, all regular-priced items are 40% off !! It can be combined w/ the 20% off "Stuff & Save". Lucky me !! Since the 40% off is automacitally applied, so you can stack it w/ the ONW coupon. If you have one of those 45/100 or 65/100 from this week, it's such an extremely good deal !!
Even though the store is located at an outlet, their stuff is pretty much the same as the stuff at regular ON stores.

I got 2 sweaters from my ON wishlist !!

Vest (hubby's) - $9.36 (Orig. $19.50)
Blue sweater - $5.76 (Orig. $25, Item of the Week for $12)
Cowlneck sweater - $14.16 (Orig. $29.50)

I was so glad that I could find the blue sweater. All colors were still available in most sizes, but the blue one was only a handful left, mostly large, and one medium. I snatched that last medium. ❤ Size small fit me better, but most sweaters will shrink a little after I wash them anyway.

After we finished shopping, we went to the Spirit Mountain Casino, to eat dinner at the buffet. It's quite expensive, around $13.xx/person. But, since they won an award, we wanted to try them out. Their buffet is so big !! They serve american, asian, italian, international food, etc etc.

1st round
clams, fried shrimps, steak, veggies, salmon, sweet potatoes, and son on (all yummy!!)

2 rounds of crab legs (So yummy!) ❤ + miso soup (also yummy!)

4th round
sushis (unagi tastes pretty good, the rest is bleh) and clam chowder (flavorful!)

5th round
ribs, some kind of bread (taste so so )

6th round
Triple-layered chocolate (super yummy!), cream filling twinkie w/ chocolate glaze (hubby's favorite)

Last round
Chocolate peanut butter (not that good, I wish it's just plain chocolate, I don't like the peanut butter taste)

Ahhhhh good day !! ❤


  1. Aww...that's such a cute picture of you and your hubby! ^^ And that food looks so good. It's making me hungry. Haha! Yeah! I'm the Miu Miu girl! Lol XD Thanks for the comment. Oh yeah, I finally bought the actually phone for the phone case today. It should be coming in within 2-3 days. I have to stop shopping for a while now. >.<

  2. I went to Target twice and I've told myself both times that I would look for that brush but I always forget! I use a brush like your old one too and if that new one is good then I'm set on buying it too.

    And you and your hubby looks so cute! As for the food, I got hungry all over again by just looking at it. =(

    ALSO, I can't believe VS didn't send you the catalog with the $10 code! You ordered right around the time I did too!!