Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach + Shopping + Buffet

Yesterday (friday), I took a day off from work. My hubby took a day off. So, we went to Lincoln City (OR) beach.

On the way, we went to Target first, to buy this Sonia Kashuk Bristle Hair brush ($14.99). According to the reviews on Target and Amazon site, it's comparable to the Mason Pearson $100+ boar bristle hair brush. So I bought this since I can't afford an MP. (^__^")
I didn't want to buy it online because I had to spend $50 to get free shipping. It's so hard to find one here. The Target near my home didn't have it in stock. The Target where I bought this brush, only had one left, soo luckkkyy.

I used this brush below before. OMG, the SK one is muuuchhh beeettttteeerrr!! With the old brush, I always had tug-of-war with the hair brush when I was trying to detangle my hair. With the SK, it detangles my hair easily, and it massages my scalp too. You know frequent scalp massaging can stimulate healthy and faster hair growth, right? ;-) You should totally buy one !!

And then we went ahead to the beach !! The weather was crappy, raining on and off. It's because of that stupid Ignacio tropical storm. But, because of the storm, I could see high waves going in and out at the beach. Pretty neat yo.

Lincoln City (OR) beach

❤ Hubby + I ❤


And then we went to the Tanger Outlet. We didn't shop much, just window shopping. I went to Coach Outlet too, but didn't get anything, no 20% off coupon :(. I'll just wait till the Labor day sale. Wilson Leather's having 40% off regular-regular price items + additional 20% off. Pretty good deal. So if you want to buy wool coats or leather jackets, you should check out the store !! Hubby bought a couple of card wallets and a couple of phone cases to put in the car, total less than $10, very cheap!

We also went to Old Navy, to redeem a coupon for a free "Stuff & Save" limited edition tote (2 designs) + additional 20% off of anything I stuffed in the tote. The totes are special deal for ON cardholders.

The tote is very nice and sturdy, made of canvas. Inside there's a small wallet-size pocket too.

Exclusive at ON outlet, all regular-priced items are 40% off !! It can be combined w/ the 20% off "Stuff & Save". Lucky me !! Since the 40% off is automacitally applied, so you can stack it w/ the ONW coupon. If you have one of those 45/100 or 65/100 from this week, it's such an extremely good deal !!
Even though the store is located at an outlet, their stuff is pretty much the same as the stuff at regular ON stores.

I got 2 sweaters from my ON wishlist !!

Vest (hubby's) - $9.36 (Orig. $19.50)
Blue sweater - $5.76 (Orig. $25, Item of the Week for $12)
Cowlneck sweater - $14.16 (Orig. $29.50)

I was so glad that I could find the blue sweater. All colors were still available in most sizes, but the blue one was only a handful left, mostly large, and one medium. I snatched that last medium. ❤ Size small fit me better, but most sweaters will shrink a little after I wash them anyway.

After we finished shopping, we went to the Spirit Mountain Casino, to eat dinner at the buffet. It's quite expensive, around $13.xx/person. But, since they won an award, we wanted to try them out. Their buffet is so big !! They serve american, asian, italian, international food, etc etc.

1st round
clams, fried shrimps, steak, veggies, salmon, sweet potatoes, and son on (all yummy!!)

2 rounds of crab legs (So yummy!) ❤ + miso soup (also yummy!)

4th round
sushis (unagi tastes pretty good, the rest is bleh) and clam chowder (flavorful!)

5th round
ribs, some kind of bread (taste so so )

6th round
Triple-layered chocolate (super yummy!), cream filling twinkie w/ chocolate glaze (hubby's favorite)

Last round
Chocolate peanut butter (not that good, I wish it's just plain chocolate, I don't like the peanut butter taste)

Ahhhhh good day !! ❤

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Victoria's Secret + Elf

Remember this dress that I posted a short while ago? :)

I took it to a tailor and had it shortened last friday. I picked it up today during lunch time. I like it much better now!! It less looks like a 1950s dress and I don't drown in it anymore. LOL. Next, I have to iron it. The skirt is very wrinkly.

The tailor complimented the dress when she's measuring the skirt length and inserting needles. She thought it's an Anthropologie dress and it cost about $150. Well, she guessed the price right (Orig. price $148). ^__^"
She thought it's a very expensive dress because of how it's very well made, how the fabric's very good quality (it's a cotton/silk after all), and the neatly hidden seams. The seam part really does look different from the seams of cheap dresses, no wonder it costs $148. :-O

The VS orders I received yesterday...I also got 2% cashback from Ebates, not a lot, but money is still money right ? =P

Embroidered knee-length skirt Orig. $59.50.
Clearance $34.99.

I bought the skirt for $21.98 shipped. I mailed my $16.50 merchandise certificate today to cover part of the cost ^__^.
I really this skirt, it's good quality, the embroidered design and the scallop edge are so pretty !!
But, ..... it's one size too small. Gah! I bought the same size as my other VS bottoms though! T__T

I wore the skirt today, so when I was picking up my dress, I asked the tailor for an advice about the skirt. She said she could add 1 to 1.5 inches to the waist by adding an extra fabric. Fine by me !! I usually wear a long shirt, so the zipper part is hidden. I'm bringing the skirt back to the tailor next Tuesday. Yay!

I also received a henley tee and a cami. Both for $10.97 shipped.
The henley tee is quite sexy, low cut. Thick cotton, kinda shorter than pictured though, but I still like it !! The cami is also awesome! I love the slightly v-neck cut and the flower-trimmed too.

Last, I also received my ELF 75% off studio line order, finally !!

10 pc. Studio Brush Set - $30
Makeup Artist Brush Belt - $15
Makeup Remover Cleansing cloth - $3 each
Eyebrow tamer - $3

Purchased all for $16.xx shipped! I haven't had the time to try them out. I wish I bought the kabuki face brush too. I forgot to add it when I purchase them. I'm not sure what to do with the brush belt, since I am not a MUA hahah. It's very good quality though. It looks very expensive :-O

I also received this ELF lip gloss for free, because I referred the ELF site to 3 people..... it sucks!! It's very sheer. After I applied it, I couldn't rub my lips together at all because it's sticky and not moisturizing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quickie!!

Yesterday after work, my hubby and I went to the mall to buy some things, we only spent there for about 15-20 mins, because we were supposed to go straight to his home to eat dinner with his family. ^^"

We first went to Nordstrom, to buy the HUE liners for flats. I was very frustrated with the flat liners I had been wearing. The back part didn't want to stay up, constantly slipped off my heel!! I had to constantly stop walking every minute just to fix them.

I bought the "Hidden Cotton Liner," 3 pairs for $15.

Pretty pricey, but they are worth it. These HUE liners have silicone on the back of the heel to ensure the liner stays up all day. They really stay up!!

We next visited Victoria's Secret to claim the PINK beauty kit and a lace-trim thong, each free with any PINK purchase. I dragged my hubby with me just in case I couldn't combine the kit and thong offers. =D

For the beauty travel kit, you have join/sign in into your Pink Nation account and print the coupon. For the thong, no coupon, you just grab one from the panties table, ANY color from their "cheeky" collection.
Luckily, my store carries the $1.50 lollipops!! No need to spend a lot to get the freebies. Yay!

And then, we drove to his family's home, and ate a Chinese restaurant. Ten dishes!! I was so stuffed !!

From Sunday 'till a short moment ago, I wore Zoya nail polish, in Gaia. I love the white frosty color. It has sparkle finish too!! Kinda sheer and streaky though. I had to apply the nail polish 2-3 times to get the clean look I wanted. I removed the nail polish today because I broke two of my nails, one was yesterday and the other was one today. T_T Bah. Ugly.

I had a few packages came in the mail today ^^" No time to take pics. I'll post them up soon. Now I have to work out, gotta burn off those Chinese food! Ciao !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shoe shopping... not so lucky day...

Today was all about shoes.

Late friday night/saturday morning I visited 6pm site, and found out that they were having Sofft sale. All shoes for $24.95! Up to 70% discount !! Their shoes are very comfortable, like Clarks and Birkenstocks. So it's a very awesome deal.

I saw these boots, and I fell in love instantly.
Original price was about $169, on sale for $24.95. No other place offers better deal than that !!

I put them in the shopping cart, there's a warning, "only 2 pairs left."
It was around 1 am, I didn't really think much about the warning, I thought most people already went to bed (= I'm so naive).
I first searched for reviews to make sure that they were good quality. Then, after about 10-15 mins of searching & reading reviews, I decided to get them! I refreshed the page, and it said, "This size is out of stock." I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!" and I just kept refreshing and refreshing the page, hoping it's not real. Sad !! (T___T)
Other websites don't sell those boots for THAT cheap, they sell them for $70-$100+ *sighhh*

Then, today I was super bored at home, so I went to the mall around 4 pm. I had to redeem my free panty coupon from Victoria's Secret anyway.
I went to Macy's first, since they were having the One Day Sale, I went straight to the clearance shoes section. I saw these super cute Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals. Original price was $79, on sale for $35. Good deal !

I couldn't find my size. I wear size 6. The smallest size I could find on the shelves was size 6.5. I tried them on, they looked sooooo nice, very flattering !! I love the decoration on the straps very much. So, I asked the sales associate if they had them in size 6. She said all the shoes on the shelves were the shoes that they had left.

Aghhh.... !! T___T the boots, and now this, so not my lucky day *sigh*

After that unfortunate event, I went straight to Victoria's Secret, I wasn't in the mood to shop for anything else. I went to VS to redeem my "FREE Bare Ultimate panty w/ any purchase" coupon. I purchased the VS Pink lollipop ($1.50), so that I could use the coupon. It's the cheapest item in store.

This panty is so dang comfortable! I think it's the MOST comfortable and high quality panty I've ever tried, from Victoria's Secret! Love it !! It has velvet lining on the waist and leg opening. So fancy !! I don't think I'll ever buy one myself though. It costs $12 for one, man, too pricey for me. =(

On the way back to home, I went to Ross. I went straight to the shoes section, saw a bunch of flats, heels, and a few pairs of boots.. but this pair really caught my eyes...

The color is so unique !! Very nice design, and comfortable. I also like the height. The heels are 3.5 inches high. My ideal height is 3 to 3.5 inches. Higher than that (4 inches and higher), I can't walk longer than 30 minutes!!

I rarely wear dressy shoes, since I don't go out much, but since I really love them, I'll try finding the time to wear them! I can wear them to the mall I guess! LOL
Beside the shoes, I also bought a table cloth and glasses, for $2 each! I found them at the "as is" section.
The glasses are cheap because it's missing a glass. I think a customer broke it, since there were pieces of glasses in the box.
My hubby bought the same one in June, they originally cost $5-6.

For the table cloth, also $2. There's nothing wrong with it.
I think it's cheap because it's already opened, or maybe it's a customer returned. It's 60" x 102". Very good quality.
I bought it because the color matches w/ my Ikea curtains. LOL :-D

Then, when I got home, I suddenly realized that I forgot to go to Nordstrom to buy the HUE socks for my flats. Dammit. T_T

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I found this deal on Victoria's Secret Chat Thread - Slickdeals forum

VS Body-Wick® natural racerback bra ($18) comes up as $10 in your cart if you add two or more.
If you girls need sports bras you can buy two Body-Wick® natural racerback bras for $20 and get free shipping
If you have a VS card you can use a $10 off bra code (FA917281, exp 12/31/09) and get two sports bras for $10 (+tax) shipped.

Hella good deal!!! Not sure why they only cost $10 each if put 2 bras or more, a glitch? Well, if it is a glitch, and you need sports bras, you'd better get them ASAP, before they realize it. LOL ;-)

Today, my Final Fantasy Moogle plush doll came in the mail! Soooooo cute !!
I'm just going to hang it somewhere in my work area or my handbag, it's too big as a cellphone chain... well, that's my original plan anyway. My iPhone doesn't have a hole to hang it. LOL

I saw someone bought this Forever 21 dress on Soompi. I really like it very much. To make it worse, it's only $10.99 !! Aghhh soo tempted !!

I really like the spiral patterns a lot, it's so unique. They kinda resemble to roses. Most summer dresses have colorful flowery designs. I don't like them because they are too girlie for me. I also like the babydoll style, and how the neckline is not low, so it won't show so much cleavage. But, I decided not to get it, because I think such dress w/ busy patterns don't suit me. I'm too old for it. Also, since my boobs are big, I bet it is still look slutty on me. *sigh* (._.) .... but it's a cute dress... ugh...well, i'll think about it again. LOL

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish

My Zoya purchases that I bought during their Zoya 5000 "Free 3 nail polish" promo.

Left to right: Jo, Harley, Deidra, Pasha, Fiona, Gaia

I tried Fiona, I don't like it. It's sheer pearly white, with pink iridescent. I can't stand the pink part. I'm planning to give this one away.

I also tried Harley.
It's a cool soft gray color. Very unique. I really like it!!

I also tried Pasha, the color reminds me of coffee mocha... shoot, i'm hungry now. I don't have a picture, but I found a picture that shows the color really well.


I also bought the "Zoya Armor Top Coat" and "Zoya Remover+Big Flipper".
I like the Zoya Remover+ bottle !! It's a pump dispenser like the nail salons use. So it's spill-proof !! It's huge too !! ^__^ And smells quite nice, it doesn't have that strong alcohol smell like the drugstore brands have.

The colors I picked aren't that impressive, all neutral colors ^__^" . I thought I should just buy the versatile ones, that are appropriate for office work. Now, I kinda wish I bought one or two dark colored ones, like Kotori (left) or Loredana (right). Yah, next time !!

Zoya nail polishes are really great. Not watery, easy to apply, and dry quite fast too. My nails are weak, so I usually only apply a couple of coats of nail strengthener only (I use Sephora by OPI Nail Strengthener. This product is AMAZING!! $9 well spent!!). I rarely apply color nail polishes on my finger nails because they make my nails weaker and break easily. With Zoya, that hasn't happened yet. I guess it's because Zoya nail polishes contain less chemical, they are toluene and formaldehyde free.