Friday, July 31, 2009

Victoria's Secret & Lancome Hypnose Drama

I received my VS hoodie in the mail today.

I bought it for $16.98 shipped (Orig. $65, Clearance $39.99).
I was able to use THREE $10 off VS coupons. :)
It only works if you order by phone. Online, only can use one coupon at a time.

It's really comfortable, soft and thick. It's also quite long, about 2-3 inches above the knees, I can wear it as a dress too.
I'm just confused about the belt. It looks quite long on the model, in real life (see picture), it's not that long.
So is it a false advertisement or the model is just super duper thin? LOL
O well, kinda disappointed about the belt, but I still love it. I can't wait to wear it ! :)


Now, about the Lancome HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. (Dang, such a long name, I had to copy paste)

After experimenting with it for 3 days, I've decided to return it.
It's SO hard to use !!

If applied too little, it thickened, but not lengthened much (the picture above), kinda spidery too. I only touched my eyelashes very lightly. The formula is very thick and mousse-like.
I had trouble applying it on my outer/inner eyelashes because the brush's kinda big.

If applied too much, my eyelashes looked SO spidery. I looked like I only had a handful of eyelashes. Too bad I deleted the pictures I took, just because they just looked SO bad. :(
I think this mascara doesn't work for someone who has fine eyelashes like mine. I don't know, according to Sephora reviews, it seems it works better on someone who already has thick and long eyelashes.

I'm going to return and get Givenchy Phenomenon' instead. I've been using Givenchy for awhile, and almost out. I love this mascara, because of the uniquely design brush, it's so easy to reach the eyelashes on the corners and fan them out.


  1. Are you even allowed to return USED mascara? I'm sure that's not hygenic...

  2. lol yeah, As long as it's within 60 days. You can return eventhough it's used. Sephora has very flexible policy. Department stores do that too, like Macy's. That's one good thing about expensive stores :)

  3. I got the Hypnose in the $52 beauty box, & HATE it also. I'm Asian & have sparser, shorter, & straighter lashes than yours. Mine point down unless I curl them. If I use the Cils XL, I can get the Hypnose to work, but only if I apply VERY carefully so as not to clump ANY lashes together or else I also look like I have 4 lashes on my whole eye.

    Have you tried Diorshow Blackout? Just got it at Nords & LOVE it!!!! It's absolutely amazing! Makes me look like I have full & long lashes, & goes on beautifully even w/ several coats---which is a miracle considering how sad my lashes are. It's as dark as the Hypnose, but maybe not as "rich" looking because the black seems slightly flatter or something. But I'll gladly trade off for how the Blackout looks & applies!

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