Friday, July 10, 2009

My HG toner !!

So, I would like to start my blog by posting my story about my fav toner that I recently found.
Once upon a time (last week), Bath and Body Works released a coupon for "Free $4 Anti-Bacterial
Waterless Hand Foam, with any purchase." So, since they were having 75-80% off semi annual sale, I went to the store after work. There were many lotions, scented candles, etc for 50-75% off retail price. I don't need anymore lotions, I still haven't used the ones I bought during their previous semi annual sale in December.
Soooooo, I was thinking to buy a small scented candle for $2.37 (orig. $9.50) for my bathroom instead. After 20 mins (hahah..) I finally decided which scent to buy! Yay! But, I then saw a small section of C.O. Bigelow products nearby, lotions and toners. I was interested in the toners, since I almost finished my Dickinson' witch hazel toner.
About 15-20 mins later, I decided to buy the C.O. Bigelow® Rose Water Skin Tonic for $3.75 (Retail price $15!!), it's a better deal than the candle, and I heard many good things about rose toners.
I claimed my free anti-bacterial foam too. I luv freebies !!

40 mins = 1 item, damn i'm pathetic. LOL

So, after I removed my makeup and cleansed my face, I then tried the toner. I was afraid that it'd made my face break out.
Shockingly, it's really amazing!! Nice rose scent, very gentle, and it picked up excess makeup that the cleanser didn't, it worked much better than the Dickinson! My face felt really soft too after. I love it !!

The toners are not on sale on the online store. W00t! Lucky!!

I went back to the store the next day and bought the whole stock. There were only 3 bottles left (Bummer!). I told my BFF about it and she asked me to buy 2 bottles for her. This time, each bottle's on sale for $3!!!!! SCORE!!!
Of course I didn't forget to print more of those free anti-bacterial foamy coupons. This time I took my hubby so that I could get multiple. :)
I like this foamy anti-bacterial product more than the liquid kind. Light, no strong alcohol smell, not messy, and it smells good too. I keep one in my handbag.


  1. 40 minutes at B&BW?!
    that's like 6 trips to B&BW for me lol..
    i tend to leave right after the usual greet and question cause the sales are pretty similar every year.
    but it's great that you found something you like!

  2. The Hand Foam sanitizer in Japanese Cherry Blossom is really good.