Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More packages came ...

Got my purchases that I made on mjrsales site yesterday. :)
The site had free shipping deal last week.

Victoria's Secret bikini bottom $4.50 (Orig. $30.50)

Vitoria's Secret Diamond-stitch cardigan wool/angora sweater (Orig. $98)
It's very puffy and warm !

Victoria's Secret tunic - $8.70 (Orig. $ unknown)
I was thinking to sell this, not sure. It looked odd on me.
I already posted it on eBay last time though.
I can cancel if I have 2nd thought I guess, the listing fee's free anyway.

Colin Stuart Mid Calf Buckle Boots - $15.80 (Orig. $ unknown)
They look good, even though kinda tight-fitting.
I bought them even though they are half size too small.
Yah, I'll just wear thin socks with them.


Cap-sleeve scoopneck tee - Orig. $18.50. Sale $10.
I got this in the mail today. I bought this tee on VS site.
I purchased it for $5.99 shipped, with a $10 off coupon :)
It's nice and comfy. It is longer than it looks, about crotch-length.


MisshaUSA has been giving away free gift every week or while supply last. Only pay the shipping fee.

I ordered this 2 weeks ago. Full size products.
The shipping fee when I got them was $5.99.
Recently they increased the shipping fee to $8.99 *roll eyes*

The products:

I only tried the Botanical Garden Brown Rice cleanser.
It cleanses all right, but it smells AWFUL, and long lasting too! I still can smell it while typing this post.
It smells like.. brown rice.. I guess? And flowery too.

Skinfood products are much better.
I won't bother trying the rest of the products, to avoid any complications, since my face currently is free from acnes/zits.
I'm just gonna give these away.

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  1. Hi! I found you through soompi! The boots look comfy. I'm still waiting for them my Missha products... :D