Saturday, July 11, 2009

FitFlop ❤

Yay! I got my FitFlops today !

FitFlop - Be a Walkstar with retro flair in this FitFlop. The thong upper comprises sporty canvas straps for a look that's breezy and fun, while its special technology makes it easier to for you to keep fit. Featuring a sole composed of three distinct densities of EVA foam that together create a slightly destabilizing effect, your muscles are engaged each time you step, increasing leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity for better tone; improving your posture; and reducing the amount of stress on your lower back and feet. So you're secretly working out—while cleaning the house, running errands, or strolling through your favorite stores with friends—without disrupting your busy lifestyle.

These are mine ^__^

*strike a pose, like the ad* :-P

I bought them at last week, for $24 shipped. Original price is $59.99!
These got very nice reviews, e.g: on BlissWorld, Endless, ShoeBuy, and Bath and Body Works sites.
I am glad
I bought one size smaller than my regular size. According reviews, they run really big.
I've been wearing them around the house. When I'm stepping, they sort of "force"
me to put pressure to my heels (instead of to the ball of foot), and tighten the back leg muscles. They are VERY comfy, and they help my posture too.
I'm tempted to get another pair for backup... wear one indoor and other one outdoor.

My hubby made fun of me. He said I looked like a kid who just got a new pair of shoes and wore them all the time and didn't want to take them off. Hmph. >_>

Now I can start toning and trimming my legs ^__^

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