Tuesday, July 21, 2009

American Eagle 40% off

Received my AE clothes that I ordered with the 40% off All Access Pass Reward :)

I didn't order many things, since I'm content with the ASOS purchases I had last week. Plus, I don't like AE clothes that much, especially the tops, the quality is pretty crappy. So I mostly only bought bottoms.

AE Blouson V-Neck T: $11.70
* Quality is so so, I wish it's a U-neck style. I like the puffy-sleeves though. Since it's cheap, and I don't have a top in this color, so I'm keeping it.

AE Premium Shirt: $23.97
* For hubby

Aerie rollover stretch crop pant: $7.17

* For exercise. Tight fitting, it makes my butt looks shapely LOL

Aerie f.i.t. triathlete short: $5.97
* For exercise. Good length, about mid-thigh. Not too short, not too long. It's a keeper.

Aerie nautical smocked cheeky: $2.97
* Very low-rise. It's cute and sexy! But the inseam is on a very weird location, right on the butt crack area. So it feels a bit uncomfortable :-/

Aerie ultimate tanga: $2.97
* Super cute. I like it very much!

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  1. Soo when are you gonna model them for us? ;) haha