Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a weekend!

As I stated on my July 12th blog, I lost one of my wooden hoop earrings.
Guess what!! My hubby found it in the backyard!
So I'd dropped it there when I was watering the plants hahah
But, the color is not the same anymore, it's lost its color. The wood color looks old and not vibrant anymore. :(

Anyway, I got 2 of my multiple ASOS orders today :-D
I'll post them up when I receive all of them.

I also received an AE $25 gift card in the mail, from completing some surveys.
This is my 5th one ...I think.
I'm good with BS-ing answers hehheheeheh (shhhhhh !!!) >__<

Non beauty/fashion related news,
I received the free one pint of Starbuck ice cream coupons a few days ago.

One coupon I used it to buy the Mocha Frapuccino.
It tastes SO good, just like the drink !! Yum!!

I'm going to try this next !

Also, today I dyed my hair black. Yup.

I couldn't wait for my virgin hair to grow out. The in-between hair color was so ugly :(
I dyed my hair with Nice 'n Easy in Natural Soft Black hair dye.

Before and After:

Such a dramatic change, don't you think!?
I love it! The color makes my hair looks thicker and healthier. ❤❤
The black shade is darker than my own black hair, but it doesn't look fake/goth, IMO. It's more like hispanic/african-american black hair.

Now, I hope it doesn't gradually fade into weird color...


  1. hi! I found your blog through Soompi! Nice blog btw. I'm wondering what survey you completed to get those gift cards?

  2. thank you ^__^ It's from e-rewards, It's an invitation-only survey site. They work together with retail companies. I got the invitation from American Eagle.