Friday, July 31, 2009

Victoria's Secret & Lancome Hypnose Drama

I received my VS hoodie in the mail today.

I bought it for $16.98 shipped (Orig. $65, Clearance $39.99).
I was able to use THREE $10 off VS coupons. :)
It only works if you order by phone. Online, only can use one coupon at a time.

It's really comfortable, soft and thick. It's also quite long, about 2-3 inches above the knees, I can wear it as a dress too.
I'm just confused about the belt. It looks quite long on the model, in real life (see picture), it's not that long.
So is it a false advertisement or the model is just super duper thin? LOL
O well, kinda disappointed about the belt, but I still love it. I can't wait to wear it ! :)


Now, about the Lancome HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. (Dang, such a long name, I had to copy paste)

After experimenting with it for 3 days, I've decided to return it.
It's SO hard to use !!

If applied too little, it thickened, but not lengthened much (the picture above), kinda spidery too. I only touched my eyelashes very lightly. The formula is very thick and mousse-like.
I had trouble applying it on my outer/inner eyelashes because the brush's kinda big.

If applied too much, my eyelashes looked SO spidery. I looked like I only had a handful of eyelashes. Too bad I deleted the pictures I took, just because they just looked SO bad. :(
I think this mascara doesn't work for someone who has fine eyelashes like mine. I don't know, according to Sephora reviews, it seems it works better on someone who already has thick and long eyelashes.

I'm going to return and get Givenchy Phenomenon' instead. I've been using Givenchy for awhile, and almost out. I love this mascara, because of the uniquely design brush, it's so easy to reach the eyelashes on the corners and fan them out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FitFlop Billow and Sephora haul

Yay! I finally had the time to pick up my Billow FitFlops from the UPS store.

I ordered them from Last week they were having 25% off + free shipping.

They are $125 $59.96 shipped.

I loooovvveeee the sandals, so, I ordered FitFlops for cold seasons! They were supposed to be "pre-order", just like what the website stated. But, they were actually in-stock. So unexpected, now I'm kinda overbudget LOL .__.

Anyway, the shoe box is so fancy, with the hard box and straps. It also comes with a shoe bag to keep the Billow protected and clean. It's like having a pair of designer shoes/bag LOL. Although, I don't think I'll use the bag often, because I will wear them outside, in cold rainy Oregon weather.

Just like the FitFlop sandals, I ordered one size smaller than my regular shoe size (size 5, instead of size 6). They fit snug.
IMO, they feel better than UGG.
The back part of the Billow is kinda low, I thought, "Man, I ordered the wrong size." I feel like I'm wearing clogs instead of short boots. But, according to customer reviews, others also said the same thing about boots/clogs issue. Even on Macy's site, they are called
"FitFlop "Billow" Shearling Clog."

I took a picture and took them off right away. Not the right time to wear them, currently it's 90s F here. My feet were super toasty in them. LOL

Can't wait to wear them this fall ^___^


I also got my Sephora orders today.

Clinique Lash Building Primer $13
HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara $24.50

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette - 0.04 oz
Cartier Delices de Cartier Eau Fruitee Eau de Toilette Spray - 0.05 oz
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette Spray - 0.05 oz

I purchased them with the Sephora gift card (As stated on July 13th blog) ^__^

The Lancome mascara currently is backordered!
Wow, I'm surprised it's super popular. Lucky I ordered right after Sephora emailed me about this mascara.

Compared to MAC Prep+Prime mascara primer, this Clinique primer is very light, it doesn't weigh down and straighten my curled eyelashes. I think it's a keeper, but I'm going to experiment with it a few more times before I finally decide that I want to keep it or not.

The Lancome mascara, ... The mascara formula is wet, thick and mousse-like. Just like the name, it DRAMATICALLY thickens and lengthens my eyelashes after a couple of strokes. They look like false eyelashes after! Although, the "S" shape brush is super tricky to use. The application is not the same as when I use regular mascaras. If apply the regular way, the result is clumpy and spidery-like.
I'll post a picture of what the result looks like ... once I get a hang of it ^_^"

GAP/BR/ON 30% off and Coach 20% off

I shall check out the outlet stores this weekend !!

30% off Give & Get Sale @ GAP, Banana Republic,Old Navy, and the outlets
on July 30 to August 2.

Click for coupon


COACH OUTLET 20% off coupon
offers ends on August 2.

Click for coupon

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend shopping & Starbuck ice cream

Yesterday I went to the mall, and bought a few things at Victoria's Secret, because of the coupons they gave me. I wouldn't have gone to the store if it's not because of their coupons. Damn them and their coupons! LOL

*Click link for more info
VS Pink Cheeky lace trim hipster* (Orig. $9.50) - FREE, w/ any PINK purchase (coupon)
* The options are any panties that have "cheeky" or "cheekier" label on it, in black, white, or pink. I picked this one because it's the least girlie and has the least pink color. I hate pink color btw.

VS Pink dog (Orig. $10) - FREE, w/ any PINK purchase
* I don't really like this dog because of the pink color, but since it's free, yah why not get one.

VS cotton bikini panty* (Orig. $7.50) - FREE, w/ any purchase (coupon)

VS Pink Collegiate tee* (Orig. $26.50) - Paid it for $16.50 (I had a $10 VS Reward card)
* I'm an OSU alumni. I'm so happy that VS finally carries OSU clothes. The design is okay, but it's much better and cheaper than the collegiate clothes that are sold at the univ. bookstore. Theirs are so boring, plain, and overprice.

VS Sexy Little Thing Noir* solid perfume - $8
* In order to get the VS cotton panty, I had to buy something that's not on sale. I couldn't find anything cheap and useful enough. I didn't want to buy anything that I wouldn't use/wear just to get the free panty. Then, I saw this solid perfume. It's located near the registers. It's nice fruity floral smell. I love it. This is going to be a staple in my makeup bag.

From the website:
Sexy Little Things Noir™
Fragrance type: fruity floral
Top notes: nectarine, juicy apple, sparkling citrus, pineapple, guanabana, mouthwatering pear, red fruit, bergamot
Middle notes: cattelaya orchid, muget, cyclamen, jasmine petals, plum, vanilla, dewberry, cassis
Low notes: golden amber, velvet musk, sultry woods, tonka bean

Total was $24.50.
But, the cashier charged me $24 instead.
According to the receipt, she charged me for the $7.50 VS cotton panty (that was supposed to be free) instead of the $8 Noir perfume.
I guess she's confused because I gave her so many coupons (Pink coupon, VS cotton coupon, $10 reward coupon) LOL

I also went to The Body Shop. On Soompi forum, a member said that she always exfoliated her body once a week. I thought, I should do that too to remove the dead skin, because my skin is dry and dull and I have ingrown hair on my legs. So, I bought a couple of body scrubs and a pair of $5 bath gloves.
The original price for one is $20, or $15 each if buy two.
I don't really like spending so much money on one beauty product, but I wasn't in a very good mood on that day, so I thought I should spoil myself this time.

Update: It does work really well. It makes my skin soft and I have less ingrown hair.


Last friday I went to get this ice cream with the "free 1 pint starbuck ice cream" coupon.

It's so yummy!! It absolutely tastes like the drink!!!!!
It's a mixed of coffee and vanilla ice creams, with very sweet caramel.
It tastes SO good and VERY addicting !!

Everybody who loves the drink, should really try it !!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I got my jacket in the mail today.

I love it a lot !!
Well, the chest part is kinda tight, yah, i'm too busty. LOL
It's waterproof and the pockets (2 pockets on the bottom and the zipper) are functional !

When I unzipped half way, I've a big "arrogant"-looking collar LOL

Ooo what's this, there's a hidden zipper on the collar.

Dang ! I thought the zipper was just a decoration. There's a hidden cotton hood inside!
The website doesn't mention that at all !! o_O So neat!!
Can't get something like this in US for $21.xx shipped fo' sho'!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

American Eagle 40% off

Received my AE clothes that I ordered with the 40% off All Access Pass Reward :)

I didn't order many things, since I'm content with the ASOS purchases I had last week. Plus, I don't like AE clothes that much, especially the tops, the quality is pretty crappy. So I mostly only bought bottoms.

AE Blouson V-Neck T: $11.70
* Quality is so so, I wish it's a U-neck style. I like the puffy-sleeves though. Since it's cheap, and I don't have a top in this color, so I'm keeping it.

AE Premium Shirt: $23.97
* For hubby

Aerie rollover stretch crop pant: $7.17

* For exercise. Tight fitting, it makes my butt looks shapely LOL

Aerie f.i.t. triathlete short: $5.97
* For exercise. Good length, about mid-thigh. Not too short, not too long. It's a keeper.

Aerie nautical smocked cheeky: $2.97
* Very low-rise. It's cute and sexy! But the inseam is on a very weird location, right on the butt crack area. So it feels a bit uncomfortable :-/

Aerie ultimate tanga: $2.97
* Super cute. I like it very much!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mischa Barton "Lyla"

Today, I got the Mischa Barton "Lyla" Oversized hobo that I bought on eBay!

Retail price is $67.12 on ASOS.
ASOS still has the bag in "bone" color, here.

I ❤ it!!
Perfect shade of purple and perfect size ! ❤
I bought it for $73.81 shipped. It's quite expensive.
I had to sell a few things on eBay to cover the cost, or I would feel guilty for buying it. It's not a big deal, I never used them anymore anyway.
I also made a little profit in the end :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a weekend!

As I stated on my July 12th blog, I lost one of my wooden hoop earrings.
Guess what!! My hubby found it in the backyard!
So I'd dropped it there when I was watering the plants hahah
But, the color is not the same anymore, it's lost its color. The wood color looks old and not vibrant anymore. :(

Anyway, I got 2 of my multiple ASOS orders today :-D
I'll post them up when I receive all of them.

I also received an AE $25 gift card in the mail, from completing some surveys.
This is my 5th one ...I think.
I'm good with BS-ing answers hehheheeheh (shhhhhh !!!) >__<

Non beauty/fashion related news,
I received the free one pint of Starbuck ice cream coupons a few days ago.

One coupon I used it to buy the Mocha Frapuccino.
It tastes SO good, just like the drink !! Yum!!

I'm going to try this next !

Also, today I dyed my hair black. Yup.

I couldn't wait for my virgin hair to grow out. The in-between hair color was so ugly :(
I dyed my hair with Nice 'n Easy in Natural Soft Black hair dye.

Before and After:

Such a dramatic change, don't you think!?
I love it! The color makes my hair looks thicker and healthier. ❤❤
The black shade is darker than my own black hair, but it doesn't look fake/goth, IMO. It's more like hispanic/african-american black hair.

Now, I hope it doesn't gradually fade into weird color...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More packages came ...

Got my purchases that I made on mjrsales site yesterday. :)
The site had free shipping deal last week.

Victoria's Secret bikini bottom $4.50 (Orig. $30.50)

Vitoria's Secret Diamond-stitch cardigan wool/angora sweater (Orig. $98)
It's very puffy and warm !

Victoria's Secret tunic - $8.70 (Orig. $ unknown)
I was thinking to sell this, not sure. It looked odd on me.
I already posted it on eBay last time though.
I can cancel if I have 2nd thought I guess, the listing fee's free anyway.

Colin Stuart Mid Calf Buckle Boots - $15.80 (Orig. $ unknown)
They look good, even though kinda tight-fitting.
I bought them even though they are half size too small.
Yah, I'll just wear thin socks with them.


Cap-sleeve scoopneck tee - Orig. $18.50. Sale $10.
I got this in the mail today. I bought this tee on VS site.
I purchased it for $5.99 shipped, with a $10 off coupon :)
It's nice and comfy. It is longer than it looks, about crotch-length.


MisshaUSA has been giving away free gift every week or while supply last. Only pay the shipping fee.

I ordered this 2 weeks ago. Full size products.
The shipping fee when I got them was $5.99.
Recently they increased the shipping fee to $8.99 *roll eyes*

The products:

I only tried the Botanical Garden Brown Rice cleanser.
It cleanses all right, but it smells AWFUL, and long lasting too! I still can smell it while typing this post.
It smells like.. brown rice.. I guess? And flowery too.

Skinfood products are much better.
I won't bother trying the rest of the products, to avoid any complications, since my face currently is free from acnes/zits.
I'm just gonna give these away.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sephora & ASOS

Aghhh it's the second time this month. I just got them last week.
No more hook earrings for me !! :(
Nevermind, I found it in my bed LOL

Anyway, I received a Sephora gift card in the mail =)

I love credit cards that reward you when you shop.

I received my ASOS headband and 120 Denier tights today!

The tights are hella good quality and thick. I love it !!

Made in Italy too heheh

The braided headband looks quite natural. It blends with my hair nicely.
It looks fake (shiny) only when I take pics w/ flash.